Cheryl saying Diane had someone threaten her on her blog.

by Matt Slick

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Cheryl said:

"This time, Diane you did it in person. Last time you merely sent someone onto my blog to threaten me personally and now you are doing it again. I have copied the threat and will make note of it when Matt and I sit down to discuss the list of sins against me. He will be held responsible for threats made by his vice-president on the CARM discussion board as he rightly should know about what is said and he will have to deal with it in a godly and righteous manner."

Let's take a look.

  1. So now Cheryl says that Diane sent someone to her blog to threaten her.  I asked Diane about this and Diane told me she'd never sent anyone to her blog.  Diane also told me she has never posted on Cheryl Schatz' blog. Diane does not trust Cheryl to not edit her words. There have been some people from the CARM discussion boards who've posted there, but neither Diane nor I ever sent anyone there.
  2. I wish Cheryl would stop promoting false information.

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