Cheryl Schatz tells people not to support CARM financially

by Matt Slick

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Cheryl said:


"I would like to also encourage people not to financially support CARM until Matt gets a handle on the abusive attitude that has taken over his ministry. I think that it is time that we post a CARM alert to put a red flag on that ministry and advise people to hold Matt and Diane responsible for the way that they have ripped at the sheep. Perhaps if enough people hold them accountable for what they are doing, the abuse will stop. It would be a shame to see that ministry continue to degenerate further than it already has."


Let's take a look.

  1. She is full of accusations.  She says CARM is an abusive ministry and degenerating.  I guess she doesn't like being exposed for teaching false stuff or having her mistakes documented.  When people disagree with her, she gets upset and cries foul.
  2. I wholeheartedly disagree with Cheryl Schatz on her view of women in ministry and I think she has been unfair and has misrepresented me many times -- not to mention how she's allowed attacks against me on her blog -- yet I've never told anyone to not support her financially.  I guess the entire CARM ministry isn't worth supporting because "she" doesn't like how she is treated there.
  3. Ripped at the sheep?  I guess the heat is too much for her and anything negative about her and her supporters is now 'ripping at the sheep'.  She can attack me, but when she is criticized, we are 'ripping at the sheep'.  In my opinion, Cheryl Schatz can't handle criticism and certainly doesn't want her views contradicted, especially since, as she says, "As far as 2000 years of scholarship on Matt’s side, let me point out that for 2,000 years this passage [1 Tim. 2:15] has not been understood. If you look in any commentary, they will tell you that the church has not been sure what Paul is getting at in verse 15. No one has made complete sense of this verse before without contradictions....I came to the passage wanting to know what it meant. I believe that I know..." (Documentation).
    It seems to me that Cheryl is saying that "she" has figured out what it means when the entire Christian Church has not.

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