A list of attacks permitted on Cheryl Schatz' blog against Matt Slick and CARM.

by Matt Slick

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Cheryl Schatz says on her blog at http://strivetoenter.com/wim/2007/09/30/the-rest-of-the-story-1-timothy-211-15-and-matt-slick/, post # 53, "I am hoping that Matt will come on to this forum and discuss with us here and that we will treat him with respect as a brother in Christ." If she says that Matt Slick will be treated with respect, then what do we do with the following quotes from her blog? She has also said she has behaved properly towards me, according to scripture. Yeah, right.

Let's take a look at how much respect and disrespect Cheryl encourages on her blog. And, think about this: Is what Cheryl has permitted and done herself really an indication of how she operates, what she thinks, and how seriously she goes after someone who disagrees with her? I've made comments in green.

  1. Cheryl permits attacking Matt Slick before she is ever on the radio show.
    1. Don Johnson, post #16,
      1. She emailed me before she was on the show. I read her email on the show, but did not quote all of it This is not uncommon and no ill intent was meant by not reading everything. I try and be brief but sufficient when reading emails but often don't read every word. Cheryl does not rebuke Don for implying that to not read all of the email was equivalent to lying.
        1. http://strivetoenter.com/wim/2007/09/08/debating-on-women-pastors/
    2. "My take is that is a truncation that is, in effect, a lie and a believer is not to be a liar."

  2. Saying Matt Slick meant things for evil
    1. Cheryl Schatz said, "To be truthful I find it somewhat amusing. Matt hates the fact that I teach with authority and so he has to call me names and say bad things about me on his radio show. But all he has done by misrepresenting me and calling me names is created a way for me to get the message out because of his own actions. So what he meant for evil, God meant for good. What a good God we serve, eh?"
      1. Post 12. http://strivetoenter.com/wim/2008/02/28/please-welcome-diane-sellner/#comment-2755
      2. No, I don't hate that she tries to teach with authority. She is simply wrong and I've pointed it out.
      3. It is easy to accuse someone of misrepresentation and name-calling. Cheryl likes to through such statements around but...where is the proof?
  3. Saying Matt Slicks Calvinism is a heresy
    1. teknomom, post #28, "(Calvinism cited as basis– “limited atonement” heresy!)"
      1. Notice that I am accused of heresy, since I am a Calvinist. Yet Cheryl makes no rebuke to this person. Why is she upset with me saying her view on women authority, etc., is heretical when she permits others to say Calvinism is heretical?
      2. http://strivetoenter.com/wim/2007/09/10/debate-with-matt-slick-scheduled/
  4. CARM is a schitzophrenic monster
    1. mrsflib, post #16, "Diane and Matt are insecure and very much afraid and have become paranoid....Though they started out as a worthwhile ministry years ago, CARM has degenerated into a schitzophrenic [sic] monster because they were not wise."
      1. In the next post, #17, Cheryl says that she agrees with mrsflib.
      2. http://strivetoenter.com/wim/2008/03/27/to-diane-sellner-of-carm/
  5. Cheryl compares CARM to a cult
    1. Cheryl, post #5 "When one kicks out people who speak respectfully but their only “sin” is to disagree with the CARM party line, then I wonder how is this any different than the way that cults keep their groups “pure”?"
      1. People disagree with the CARM "party line" all the time. We have no problem with disagreements. We have a problem with how those disagreements are portrayed and tackled. Cheryl is simply misrepresenting the facts and in so doing she stirred the pot in order, I believe, to get others on her blog to side with her.
      2. http://strivetoenter.com/wim/2008/03/27/to-diane-sellner-of-carm/
  6. Cheryl says the Holy Spirit was 'kicked out of CARM'
    1. Cheryl, post #5, "Honestly, I think He was kicked out a long time ago because HE [The Holy Spirit] didn’t follow their rules."
      1. What kind of a statement is that? I mean, it is quite an accusation and seems motivated out of anger than anything else.
      2. http://strivetoenter.com/wim/2008/03/27/to-diane-sellner-of-carm/
  7. Cheryl says that CARM uses ungodly control tactics
    1. Cheryl, post #21, "CARM is spinning out of control. This is what happens to those who use ungodly control tactics. Such a shame Diane that you have to go to this level to do thought-stopping practices and information-stopping practices. You will not prosper this way. God sees everything you do in your “ministry” at CARM."
      1. This is a ridiculous statement. Cheryl has been obsessed with CARM, me personally, and has levied all sorts of accusations against this ministry. In my opinion, is motivated out of a very strong urge for self vindication.
      2. http://strivetoenter.com/wim/2008/03/27/to-diane-sellner-of-carm/
  8. Cheryl urges people to not support CARM financially.
    1. Cheryl, post # 29, "would like to also encourage people not to financially support CARM until Matt gets a handle on the abusive attitude that has taken over his ministry."
      1. http://strivetoenter.com/wim/2008/03/27/to-diane-sellner-of-carm/
  9. Cheryl accuses CARM of an unchrist-like attitude.
    1. Cheryl, post # 32, "MetalWolf, Amen! You are also one brave soul. I pray for many more like yourself who will openly call CARM “higher ups” to task for their un-Christlike attitude."
      1. Now, Cheryl is to judge of my attitude? How does she know what my attitude is? This is what's called an ad hominem attack. Instead of dealing with the issues, she attacks the person.
      2. http://strivetoenter.com/wim/2008/03/27/to-diane-sellner-of-carm/
  10. Cheryl says CARM operates on fear and intimidation
    1. Cheryl, post #50, "Forums like CARM operate on fear and intimidation to keep the party line. This is unacceptable for a Christian organization whose goal it is, is to make mature believers who practice being Bereans not mindless zombies who hold to a position because they like CARM."
      1. No, we do not operate on fear and intimidation. The current discussion boards are full of people who disagree with CARM. We urge them to obey the rules and when they don't, we penalize them accordingly by suspending their accounts for various time limits. I distant Cheryl does not like it that we enforce those rules.
      2. http://strivetoenter.com/wim/2008/03/27/to-diane-sellner-of-carm/
  11. Cheryl accuses CARM of having spies who search on the internet.
    1. Cheryl, post #88, "This milieu control also extends outside of CARM as their spies search the internet for any negative word regarding Matt Slick, Diane Sellner or CARM and they report back. Those who dare to challenge any of the strict rules will find themselves cut off from their friends on the discussion board, threatened or censured."
      1. I don't have any spies. Neither does Diane. But, Diane has been reading Cheryl's blog. I suggest that Cheryl not make things up.
      2. http://strivetoenter.com/wim/2008/03/27/to-diane-sellner-of-carm/
  12. Cheryl says she wants to meet Matt Slick to stop the attacks of Christians, yet on the same blog thread, she attacks me.
    1. Cheryl, post #92, "Please pray first of all for Matt Slick and CARM that God will be glorified in what happens and that there will be a change of heart in Matt Slick from his position of attacking brothers and sisters in Christ to one of love and compassion for the entire body of Christ...If Matt can be helped and encouraged to change his ways that includes attacks against the brethren, this is the first concern and the goal of our meeting...Pray also for the inevitable attacks against my person. Matt has made it clear to me that he plans to continue his attacks at this Matthew 18 meeting...I grieve at the way CARM has treated so many godly Christians and I grieve that apparently Matt has not had enough Matthew 18 meetings to bring an erring brother to an account for his sin. Pray for Matt that he will be brought back into proper relationship with the entire body of Christ and he will no longer attack his own “flesh and blood” family."
      1. Cheryl has not problem accusing me of attacking fellow Christians yet her blog, she included herein, has repeatedly attacked me. Why the double standard?
        1. http://strivetoenter.com/wim/2008/03/27/to-diane-sellner-of-carm/
  13. Matt Slick is piling up sins faster than most unbelievers
    1. teknomom, post # 51, "He’s piling up sins to himself faster than most unbelievers"
      1. http://strivetoenter.com/wim/2007/09/26/matt-slick-and-cheryl-schatz-debate-2/
  14. Cheryl says Matt Slick is not a truth lover
    1. Cheryl, post #69, "I am sorry, but I do not think he is a truth lover because he says things and then he goes back on his word."
      1. More accusations. Remember, Cheryl said that if I would come to her blog and dialogue, I would be treated with respect. Obviously, if passed behavior is an indication of future performance, it's a good thing I never went there. Besides, it is my policy to never post on any blogs more discussion boards anywhere on the Internet regarding anything religious. I only post on CARM.
      2. http://strivetoenter.com/wim/2007/09/26/matt-slick-and-cheryl-schatz-debate-2/
  15. Matt Slick is full of mans' wisdom and treats women like slaves and should not be a pastor.
    1. Michael Terran, post #6, "That makes someone a Hypocrite acxting [sic] one way at church another way outside of church, right. This guy is fully of man made wisdom of this world not of God. You were so humble and he was Not! He shouldn’t be a pastor he treats women like slaves…sorry we are from the FREE WOMAN Not the Slave One Book of Peter!"
      1. This is a public accusation that is not true. I do not treat women as slaves and I strongly resent such an accusation. Still, Cheryl did not offer any rebuke for this false statement.
      2. http://strivetoenter.com/wim/2007/09/30/the-rest-of-the-story-1-timothy-211-15-and-matt-slick/
  16. Matt Slick is called an ass and pride is my sin.
    1. Michael Terran, post #7, "Matt said:”This is my show”…. what an ass he was, Pride is his sin, do not keep silence you just expose him! why can’t you say along sentence ,God never put a limit on a sentence?!"
      1. It is certainly true that I have the sin of pride. I will always lay claim to that sin...along with arrogance, coveting, lust, envy, and most every other sin. I know my own heart and I know I am depraved. Still, Michael calls me an ass and Cheryl does not rebuke him for the insult.
        1. http://strivetoenter.com/wim/2007/09/30/the-rest-of-the-story-1-timothy-211-15-and-matt-slick/
  17. Matt Slick is compared to the Watchtower organization of the Jehovah's Witnesses
    1. Cheryl, post #19, "Watchtower tactic was always to keep the reigns tight so that others cannot hear the truth. They say don’t read that book, or watch that TV show or take any religious literature from anyone. Matt is acting that way."
      1. So, now she accuses me of being like a non-Christian cult. Will the insults never end?
      2. http://strivetoenter.com/wim/2007/09/30/the-rest-of-the-story-1-timothy-211-15-and-matt-slick/
  18. Matt Slick is accused of being verbally abusive
    1. Cheryl, post #54, "Matt is verbally abusive and those who value love and respect do not want to be abused. The only reason I went on the program is because of some of the women I heard speaking about their calling into ministry and Matt telling them they are not allowed. I cared enough to be abused myself to help even one person."
      1. No, I am not verbally abusive. Such an accusation is wrong. But, this doesn't stop her from making the accusation. She plays the victim in order, in my opinion, to gain sympathy. The fact is, when she was on my radio show she was condescending, could not give short answers, and, as one listener said, she was radio poison.
      2. http://strivetoenter.com/wim/2007/10/26/prayer-request/
  19. Cheryl impugns Matt Slick's motives
    1. Cheryl, post # 54, "Matt was deliberately holding back my teaching because he doesn’t want people to hear it. His purpose was only to trap me and accuse me of sin but he could not stand having the truth spoken even if he gets a chance to try to refute it."
      1. Notice that
        1. http://strivetoenter.com/wim/2007/10/26/prayer-request/
      2. Cheryl accuses me of false motives. My purpose was not to trap her in sin. I don't want her to sin and I don't want to contribute to anyone's sin. But, still, Cheryl tries to read my heart. This is an attack on my person and, she is flat out wrong.

  20. Cheryl says Matt Slick was a pastor who left a church because he would not accept women as leaders in that church.
    1. Cheryl, post #59, "Matt Slick is in a small church (a church plant I believe). He left a church where he was seeking the position of pastor because he refused to accept women as leaders in the church and they told him that he wasn’t a fit for their church. He said he will die fighting against women leaders in the church even if the whole church goes against him. He lives in Boise, Idaho and runs a web site and ministry called CARM. He has some good things on his web site that I used for helping a couple stay away from universalism, however his attitude of attacking anyone who believes differently on issues that he has deemed himself as essential would cause me to warn people to stay away from him. This kind of attitude is not godly nor is it effective body ministry."
      1. This is not true in the slightest. I never left a church for any such issue. Where did she get this false information?  I was a pastor at a small church that did not believe in the charismatic gifts.  I did.  So, we parted ways.  It was amicable.
      2. So, Cheryl is participating in and spreading gossip about me.
        1. http://strivetoenter.com/wim/2007/10/26/prayer-request/

There you have it. Does Cheryl live by the words she claims? Apparently, not.



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