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Cheryl Schatz just won't give up.  Now, as of 9/20/08 she's gotten Keith and Lorri McGregor of MM Outreach to side with her in a public attack against me.  If this weren't so sad, it would be humorous.

At it states,

Matt Slick of CARM disagreed with Cheryl's teachings on Women, became critical of both her teachings and her, personally. Matt Slick and his associate, Diane Sellner attacked Cheryl to the point where she requested a Matthew 18:18-20 meeting with Matt, hoping for resolution in a Christian manner. Both Matt Slick and Cheryl Schatz have agreed to stop the public criticism from the time of the meeting. However, the attacks on Cheryl are continuing and circulating. Cheryl is an honorable person of high integrity and will be vindicated in the end. Keith and I continue to support her and uphold her in prayer during this time, endorse her ministry, and value her partnership with us, along with her husband Richard. For further information please read Cheryl's statement below.  -- This is quoted from both Keith and Lorri MacGregor.

Wow, what a misrepresentation of the facts.  No, I'm not accusing Keith and Lorri of any wrong doing, except believing Cheryl without talking to me to get the other side of the story.  You'd think that apologists such as they would pick up the phone and call me about this, wouldn't you?  Why haven't they done it?  Why haven't they responded to my emails where I've requested to talk to Lori about this?  So far, I've heard absolutely nothing from them to find out any of the facts.

First, the fact is that it was Cheryl who first began to attack me (before the radio interview), who came onto my boards and posted a sin list against me, and who attacked me in emails -- and lied about it.   Why is there no mention of Cheryl's numerous attacks against me, Diane, and CARM in that quote?

Second, the "attacks on Cheryl" must include these articles -- which were released after Cheryl did not stop attacking me and again publically accused me.  I'm only defending myself.

Third, if Cheryl is such an honorable person of high integrity, as Keith and Lorri assert in the quote above, then why did Cheryl pose as a Dr. R. D. Clarke in a series of emails to me, accusing me, berating me, etc., and then lie to me in an email (and in our meeting) when I asked if Dr. Clarke was really Cheryl Schatz?  Cheryl, as R. D. Clarke denied even knowing Cheryl.  In the 8/22 meeting I presented evidence that R.D. Clarke must have been her and she still lied.  I believe she finally confessed she'd lied later only because she had been caught.  She actually called my pastor, Ryan, and finally me, and admitted she had been emailing me as R. D. Clarke and had indeed lied.  The facts exposed her.

Now, perhaps Keith and Lorri are not aware of this serious problem with Cheryl and that is why they would say that Cheryl is "an honorable person of high integrity."  But, if they know about the lie (and I'm not saying they do), then would it be appropriate to praise Cheryl as an honorable person of high integrity when Cheryl perpetrated a prolonged deception?  Not in my opinion it wouldn't.  How about you?

I'm glad Keith and Lorri are upholding Cheryl in prayer.  She really needs it.  She needs to learn to lighten up, to not amplify every perceived wrong against her, to let things go, to not claim that the whole church as misunderstood 1 Tim. 2:12 and that only "she" has figured it out.  In my opinion as an apologist who's dealt with her a lot, who's had to endure her harsh and incessant treatment, who has seen her failure in character and proper exegetical abilities, that she is not fit to teach the Bible.

Now, I publically request a dialogue with Keith and Lori McGregor, myself, and Diane Sellner, (via phone conference) so they can hear the other side of the story.  I am sure there is a great deal they are unaware of.  I've emailed the MacGregors requesting communication and have received no response.  Why is that?  Why is it that the MacGregors have no problem supporting Cheryl's accusations against me and yet will not speak to me personally to hear both sides?  Why haven't they contacted me?

My office number is 208-466-1301 [now changed to 385-246-1048].  So far, I've received no phone calls and no emails from the MacGregors asking for any clarification whatsoever.

I emailed the MacGregor Outreach ministry on 9/21/2008 at requesting a phone conference with Keith, Lorri, myself, and Diane so that they might have the other side of the story.  I'll post here any response.


The email I sent to the MacGregors is exactly as follows:

To Keith and Lorri MacGregor,   I've seen the supporting comment by you, Keith and Lorri, regarding Cheryl and myself.   I'm asking for an opportunity to explain to you my side of the story.  I'm asking for a phone conference between you two, myself, and Diane Sellner.   So far, to the best of my knowledge, I've received no communication from you about this issue with no attempt from either of you to find out from me and/or Diane what has transpired so that you might more accurately assess the situation.   I await your return email.   9/21/2008 Matt Slick


Update:  As of Dec. 24, 2008, I have still not received any communication from the MacGregors.  Still nothing as of 9/25/2019






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