Why this Section on Answering Critics?

Unfortunately, it is necessary for CARM and its staff to defend themselves against the false accusations and misrepresentations offered by non Christian groups, cults, and disgruntled individuals.

Some people suggest that we ignore them.  We do with most of them.  But, legally, when someone attacks and makes accusations we must respond...not to every single attack, but we must present a ready defense on a regular basis.  This is in case we get sued we will be able to demonstrate a history of denying false charges.

Sometimes people want to challenge Matt Slick (CARM's President and Founder) to debates and when he refuses, they sometimes accuse him of being chicken or "knowing" he is wrong, etc.  Of course, these kinds of attacks are common and easily ignored as well as unfounded.  Matt cannot respond to every so-called challenge.  If he did, all he'd be doing is answering everyone's challenges.  Besides, very infrequently do those who challenge Matt ever change their views.

Sometimes people choose to interpret a comment, doctrine, statement on CARM or in emails in the worst possible light.  They sometimes contact CARM, ask a question, and then dig for whatever dirt they can manufacture via email responses.

Anyway, this section is a consolidation of defenses made against CARM.





About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.