Are there different types of anti-Christs?

by Chad Ressler

Email: Are there different types of anti-Christs?

Response: Good question.  You have to distinguish between "little 'a' antichrist" and "big 'A' Antichrist."  The little ‘a’ antichrists are among us now and have always been among us as John talks about in 1 John 2:18.  The Big A Antichrist was prophesied by Daniel in Chapter 9, vv 26-27 and Christ spoke about him in Matthew 24:15.  The gentlemen on the program [reference to a Bible program on T.V.] were correct in saying that anyone who opposes Christ is an antichrist, and that they are among us today, but incorrect in saying that we do not need to worry about the big A Antichrist.  This ignores not only Daniel's prophecy, but also Jesus' own words.  There will be, in the end times, a powerful Antichrist, but in the run-up to the end times we will see (and have seen) many lesser antichrists who oppose and attempt to thwart the advance of God's kingdom.