Are Wiccans Satanists?

by Matt Slick

pentagram bellIt is a common error to accuse Wiccans of worshiping Satan. Wiccans do not acknowledge the existence of Satan the way Christians do. "Since the rise of Christianity, witches have been accused of worshiping Satan. This misconception remains alive even in modern times. In reality, Wiccans/Witches do not subscribe to Judaic-Christian theology, do not recognize the existence of Satan, and therefore would have no reason to worship him."1 Therefore, if you were to ask a Wiccan if he worshiped Satan, he would say no. To Wiccans, Satan is not a powerful being who was created and fell into sin. They do not seek to serve Satan, and most Wiccans deny his existence.  Their involvement in the practices of Wicca is similar to the Christian perspective of the occult in which contact with demonic forces is accomplished, even though Wiccans do not believe they are in contact with demonic forces.

However, from the Christian perspective, we would conclude that the theology behind Wicca is not from God and that it is ultimately authored by Satan. Furthermore, Christians would assert that the God and Goddess worship offered by Wiccans is, in reality, an offering to the devil himself. From the Christian perspective, this would mean that Wiccans were worshiping Satan. But we must not confuse this with the idea that the Wiccans are knowingly or purposefully worshiping a being known as Satan. They do not do that.




  • 1. Grimassi, Raven, Encyclopedia of Wiccan Witchcraft, St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 2003, p. 355.

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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.