A perfect God would not need to create anything

Following is an email CARM received from an atheist:

A perfect god would not need to create anything. A perfect god would not want to create anything because he would be insusceptible to greed. So either the Christian god is imperfect (because he apparently created the world just to get worship from a bunch of sycophants) or he doesn't exist; because if he did exist, the universe would not exist.

First of all, what logically prevents God from creating if He is perfect?  Perfection means that God is complete, without error, totally wise, and self-sufficient.  So, what in these qualities means God can't create the universe?  This atheist says God would be susceptible to greed if He did so.  Really?  So now it is greedy for God to create a universe?  I have to ask, what justifies the atheist to assign such a sin to a holy God?  What does greed have to do with creating anything?  Why can't God create for His own glory--which would be the greatest good for the most perfect being?  Why can't God create people so He could love them?  After all, since God is love (1 John 4:8), love gives (John 3:16), and the greatest act of love is to die for another (John 15:13), then why can't God create the universe and people in order to display the greatest act of love by becoming one of us and dying for us as is the case with Jesus?

Of course, there are reasons that God has for creating that we just don't know about.  This is certainly something this atheist should consider, and humility would necessitate confessing his ignorance.  This atheist might want to refrain from judging God, sit down, and consider the fact that there are things he won't get about the Lord.  He risks a lot by raising a defiant fist to the infinitely powerful and holy Creator.

Yet, this doesn't stop this atheist, or other atheists, from risking further judgment from God by raising the numerous objections against God's existence.  They have little problem with offering challenges to the infinite God, judging Him according to their own understanding, and then pronouncing to everyone why God can't exist--according to their reasoning.

Wow.  They think they are wise enough, logical enough, and experienced enough to justify denying God's existence.  They resist the truth to the point of their own destruction.  All I can say is that eternity is a long time to be wrong.


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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.