An atheist who is against people believing in God

by Matt Slick

This short dialogue occurred in a chat room between myself and an atheist.

Matt: Why are you against god?
AntiTheist: No. I am against belief in God.
Matt: So you don't want anyone to believe in God? Why not?
AntiTheist- Because without God belief it's one less thing we can use to devide us from other people. One less way we can justify our immoral actions.
Matt: But wouldn't that also go with belief that there is no God or lack of belief in God? Doesn't your antagonism to people believing in God cause division?
AntiTheist: : I don't see how lack of a belief in God interferes with my ability to interact with people of other beliefs, worldviews, or cultures. If anything I think it opens me up to humanity.
Matt: But you cited the differences that cause division. I'll ask this again, doesn't your antagonism towards people believing in God cause division? It does, so aren't you being inconsistent? If not, why not?
AntiTheist: My opposition to god belief doesn't divide me from the religious. I think my presence in this room shows that very clearly. People don't demonize other out of a lack of belief in god. They demonize others out of a belief that their religion, their culture, their "God given moral code" supercedes others.
Matt: But your nickname says "antitheist." So, you are against theism. And, I have seen many atheists demonize Christians for their belief in God, their denial of homosexuality as being normal, for saying that Jesus is the only way to have one's sins forgiven, etc. Aren't you, by coming in here with your nickname, "antitheist," making a public statement that you are against our belief in God and by that aren't you causing the very division you said you are against? Please tell me how you are not being inconsistent.

He wouldn't answer at this point and remained silent.


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.