Matt Slick has written a novella (short novel) called Atheistika that shows some of the weaknesses in atheist philosophy. It is meant to be an entertaining read.

Atheistika by Matt Slick

An atheist billionaire purchases a newly formed island in the Pacific and creates a secular, humanist society. Thousands flock to join his island nation. After a while, problems arise. Meetings are held and a Contrarian (an atheist among them) is tasked with finding holes in their proposed solutions, in order to make things better for the future. But, he does his job to well when he uses logic and philosophy to show the inherent problems to their solutions. As a result, things get worse and his life is endangered.​

This Novella is a short work designed to illustrate some philosophical problems dealing with atheism. It does not paint atheists as egomaniacal, morons. On the contrary, they are mostly decent people. But, it's atheism as a philosophical foundation that has problems, and in the story, they arise.


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A sample...


     Brian set the glass down on a coaster. He examined his guest behind an almost imperceptible frown.
     “Do you have anything you want to say?”
    Gunter jumped right in. “To be honest, I’m surprised at the reaction. I didn’t do anything except give counter-arguments and raise concerns – just like I was supposed to do. I didn’t mean to be incendiary.”
    “I believe you,” said Brian after a pause. His words carried a kind of restraint woven into the syllables. He crossed his leg. “But, obviously you upset a lot of people. I had hoped you would have fully supported our positions here instead of undermining them.”
     Gunter winced at the sting of rebuke. He thought about the broken windows, the fear and suffering imposed on Martha, and how he had simply challenged peoples’ assumptions and looked for potential problems. He was just doing his job. That’s all. But, now was not the time to push his self-justification. Now was the time for a different tact.






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