Avatar will undoubtedly be named one of the best Sci-Fi movies ever produced, if not the best. Nothing else comes close in its special effects. It is visually stunning and phenomenally well done. I saw it in 3D on a huge screen and was floored by the sheer excellence of its presentation. I mean, wow!!!! You have to see it to believe it.

However, if you don't like the National Geographic style of presentation of natives, where occasionally a breast can be seen, then you'll not like that part of the movie where the humanoid alien females' scantily clad upper bodies sometimes become evident. So be informed.

The most disturbing thing in the movie was the new age philosophy. In the film, there was a physical connection between the alien humanoids and the planet/creatures they lived on/with via an organ that they, and most living things, possessed. Though it was presented as a physical phenomenon that was natural to that world, a spiritual philosophy among the aliens had developed because of it. The result was a "Mother Earth" and "We are all one with nature" kind of teaching. Not good.

Also, the bad guys in the film were the military and the capitalists. The military was presented as a bloodthirsty horde of insensitive and ignorant people ready to destroy the sweet and innocent natives (who had a striking similarity to American Indians). Why? The "Company" employing them needed a certain mineral deposit under the sacred ground of the natives' home, which was a tremendously huge tree!

Who were the good people? They were those who fought against the military and the corporation.

The film bites the hand that feeds it. The only reason such a movie could be made in America is because of the past military sacrifices of the great men and women of this country. The preservation of this nation's way of life and constitution allows corporations (including movie corporations), who make huge amounts of money from films, to show disrespect to the military! To me this is enigmatic!

Our military has served this country well, and the blood of countless men and women has
secured our Freedom. Our military people deserve respect and appreciation...something the film absolutely rejects and counters.

Also, the big bad corporation and its need for money (and a mineral) is the motivating evil force behind the aggression of the military. Add to that a scene where huge machines devastate the pristine forest-like environment while at the same time overpowering the poor defenseless natives and you have a powerful visual against corporate avarice and military action.

No, I'm not advocating raping and pillaging the land. That is contrary to Christian principles. We are to take care of the land and its resources -- but it gets tiring seeing the same old bad military theme getting reshaped for yet another presentation.

But, back to the film. An impressionable child watching it could easily walk away with the idea that the military is dangerous, that capitalism is evil, and that we need to be in tune with nature and become "one" with it. This is a New Age philosophy and it is not good for this country or anyone's spiritual walk.

So, although Avatar is hands down the best Sci-Fi film I've ever seen, and I've seen a LOT, it has
some disturbing undertones of which you must be made aware should you decide to see it.


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.