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Title : Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry
CARM is a ministry site that contains numerous articles that point young and potential Christians onto the correct path of faith. The research that is presented by CARM focuses mainly on cult research and apologetics- the scientific discussion between believers and non-believers.

The difficulty of creating a site such as CARM is that in exposing the weaknesses of non-Christian faiths, you must judge from a position that is implied to be more true and accurate. CARM does not denounce beliefs with a denominational point of view, but according to the page introduction, 'CARM is not representing any denomination,' and also 'my main goal is to point people to Jesus.'

With the ultimate goal of bringing people to Christ, CARM has been blessed and has grown to be one of the most influential repositories of Apologetic information. We award CARM with the Crossmap Content award for its in-depth research into cults and apologetics.


  • Honorable mention
  • Guest Evangelism site of the month at "A Guide To Web Evangelism" for the month of October, 2000.
  • Christianity Online Magazine, Jan/Feb 2000, page 20. "Cyber Sects" by Michael Herman
    • I was quote quoted frequently in the article . The article covered the impact of the Internet on religious evangelism and provided a list of "cult busters" web pages.
  • Discipleship Journal, Issue 115, Jan/Feb 2000. "When Cults Come Knocking" by Karl Alsin.
    • In the Cult Resources section of the magazine article on page 31 listed CARM as a website.
  • Pentecostal Evangel, Feb. 10, 2002, "A Candid Discussion about Mormonism,"
    • CARM is listed as a recommended website for further information on Mormoninsm.

About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.