Basic Christian Doctrine Student's Edition


manualBasic Christian Doctrine Student's Edition

  • What do you get?  The Student's Edition of the Basic Christian Doctrine Course.
  • Sample Pages
  • Cost:  $24--includes shipping
  • What form is it?  Spiral Bound with clear milar front and back so it doesn't tear.  You get a black and white copy of the manual.  Color copies are not available.
  • How big is it?  80 pages
  • Samples?   Check out what it looks like in color hereBut note:  the finished product is in black and white.
  • Note:  The Students's edition is the same as the Teachers but there are blanks in various paragraphs that the student fills in as he or she goes through the course.  The Teacher's manual has, of course, all the answers.
  • Note:  The PowerPoint slides have the answers underlined so the student's can easily fill them in.
  • Shipping cost is included.



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