The basic teachings of the Baha'i faith

The following is a basic outline of the beliefs and teachings of the Baha’i faith.  For reference to a particular belief, please reference our articles dealing with specific beliefs within the Baha’i faith.


  1. God
    1. There is one God, no Trinity.
    2. God created the world.  
    3. Even though individuals of different religions pray to God by different names, they are still praying to the same God even though they are using different names.
    4. Baha’u’llah taught that human beings cannot understand God completely or have a clear picture of Him in our minds. This is because God is too great and too subtle for this to happen.
  2. Creation
    1. God has complete control over His creation.
    2. God has complete and perfect knowledge of His creation.
  3. Knowledge of God
    1. The knowledge that we have of God are of His attributes and qualities, but not of His essence.
    2. No one can actually see God because He does not have a body.  This would imply that Jesus was not God in the flesh.
    3. What one learns about God is through prayer, meditation, and the study and application of the various sacred scriptures of the prophets of God.
  4. Revelation by Prophets
    1. God chose different revelations throughout history to show His will to the world.  He used different manifestations or prophets to accomplish this process.  These prophets include the founders of the great religions of the world, including but are not limited to Moses, Abraham, Jesus, Muhammad, and Buddha. Their goal is to bring humankind into full spiritual and moral maturity.
    2. Baha’u’llah is the latest of the prophets or manifestations of God to humanity.
    3. None of the manifestations of God are superior or inferior to any other manifestations.  So Jesus is no better or worse than Moses, or Jesus is not better or worse than Buddha, etc.
    4. The differences in the various religions are not because of any fault of the various founders of the world religions.  It is because of the different requirements during the times in which these religions were founded.
    5. The different religions set up by the different Manifestations of God are part of one single plan by God. 
    6. There is only one religion in the world, which is seen as the Baha’i faith.  This is the religion that has been progressively revealed throughout history by all of the major prophets of the previous religions. 
    7. The revelation of God unto humankind will continue into the future. The implication of this is that there might be future prophets or Manifestations of God.
  5. Unification of Humankind
    1. That the unification of the human race and building a peaceful and loving global society is possible.  The means through to make this goal possible include:
    2. Full equality of women with men.
    3. Taking away all forms of prejudice.
    4. Oneness of religion/a universal religion.
    5. Taking away extreme poverty and wealth
    6. Universal education.
    7. Individual’s seeking religious truth for themselves.
    8. Forming a commonwealth of nations.
    9. The recognition that true religion and reason/scientific knowledge are in harmony.
  6. The Afterlife
    1. Heaven and Hell are not seen as literal places where people go after death.  They are seen as being descriptions of an individual’s spiritual journey towards the light of God.  After death, the soul makes a journey throughout different worlds that takes the individual towards God.  Whatever place the soul goes is because of one’s efforts.
  7. The Nature of Mankind
    1. The physical desires of humans are not evil or bad.  Everything that God created is seen as good. 
  8. Sacred Writings
    1. Baha’u’llah writings, which would be equal to over 100 volumes worth of work.
    2. The writings of the Bab, the forerunner of Baha’u’llah.
    3. The writings Baha’u’llah’s son, Abdu’l-Baha.
    4. The Bible, Quran and the various other sacred writings of the revealed religions.