by Matt Slick
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CARM Covenant

Everyone who works or volunteers with CARM must agree to this covenant.  This covenant is not legal. It is spiritual. We are looking for people who are serious about serving God through serving CARM. Therefore, we ask that everyone agree to the following covenant.

If after being vetted, you agree to volunteer with CARM, then you would be required to copy the covenant below and email it to us at with the subject line of "CARM Volunteer Position" stating that you agree to the covenant.



  1. You will agree to attend a local church and be in good standing there.  If there is a good reason why you cannot attend a local church, please let us know.
  2. You will agree to do what you commit to do within a reasonable period of time.  If there are delays, you will let us know.  After all, life happens.
  3. You will agree to report to the Project Manager (who will report to Matt Slick) on a weekly basis, or if no Project Manager is in place, you will report directly to Matt Slick. 
  4. If you decide to stop volunteering with CARM, then you will notify us at, so that we can adjust to the change.
  5. If you decide to stop volunteering with CARM, then you agree you will not disparage the ministry verbally or in written form.
  6. If there are changes that you would like to make in this nonbinding covenant, you will notify us at
  7. Issues and concerns are to be addressed to Matt Slick at with the subject line of "CARM Volunteer Position."





About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.