Requirements to work with CARM

by Matt Slick
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If you're interested in working with CARM, please consider this opportunity very seriously and read the requirements listed below. This is a serious undertaking.  You have to understand that this is a spiritual ministry and there are occasional battles that arise for those who work with us. So, you must be prepared to come under spiritual attack. It does not mean you will come under attack, but you must be aware of the potential for it and be ready. 

We are pretty stringent about who can volunteer with CARM. So, please be patient with the overall process and, of course there is no guarantee that your application will be approved. We are praying and asking for God to provide the right people who can help us.  So, if you are interested, thank you for your consideration.


Requirements and Vetting in order to work with CARM

  1. Pray about this for at least two weeks before contacting us.
  2. If you are married, please talk this over with your spouse.
  3. You must be a strong Christian, attending church, and in good standing in your church.
  4. Please provide us with a character reference from someone in your church, preferably a pastor or an elder, along with their name, email address, and/or phone number so we might contact them concerning you working with CARM.  If your church has a website, please provide it.
  5. Your education level and degrees, if any. (You don't have to have a degree to volunteer).
  6. The position you are applying for at CARM along with why you believe you are qualified.
  7. You must agree to the CARM Statement of Faith.
  8. You must sign a covenant document
  9. Initiate contact with us at with the subject line of "CARM Volunteer Position."

Vetting Process

The vetting process will be performed by members of the existing CARM team.

  1. After reviewing your information, we will contact you via email or phone call and let you know if we want to continue the process.
  2. Depending on the position and the circumstances, we may do a group phone call with you as part of the interview process.
  3. We would then contact your pastor or Church representative. 
  4. If you are married, we may ask to speak with your spouse. This is brief and is not an in-depth cross-examination. We just want to make sure that both people are on board with helping out at CARM.
  5. Different positions have different requirements and skillsets, so the vetting process will vary from position to position.
  6. If we decide to have you work with us, then we will train you and make you a part of the CARM team.





About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.