CARM Seminars

Thanks to all of you who are interested in attending a weeklong CARM seminar on apologetics. I purposely waited a while before I contacted everyone because I wanted to make sure that people had plenty of time to let me know if they were interested.

I'm e-mailing everybody (about 10 interested parties) to let you know that I'm planning to teach the course. The only issue is the dates where the most people can make it.  I'm free since I work at home.

So, I've created a Google calendar that all of you can go to and work out a good week to attend. I did it this way because I don't have time to take everybody's e-mails, sort through them, figure out what days might be available, e-mail everyone again, read through the responses, modify the dates, etc...and so on.  It would take too long. So, I hope that this calendar idea will work. This way, everyone can see what everyone else has suggested, offer different dates, etc.

To access the Google calendar you will need to sign in. 

password:  Generic123

Once in the calendar, if you click on DOCUMENTS you'll see a window open with a document entitled "CARM Seminar Dates".  Feel free to put notes in there for everyone else to see such as suggested dates, etc.  Then go to the calendar and put it in. 

You would be responsible for your own plane fare and hotel. There are two that are local to the church where we could have this event. I will put more information here a little later.  Undoubtedly, we'll have you all over to my house for fellowship, BBQ, Spa, etc. So, if you could also budget $30 for food, we could buy stuff and feed you probably once a day


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.