Celtic Wicca

Celtic Wicca focuses mainly on Celtic traditions combined with ancient Celtic beliefs as well as more modern practices. Though it is not officially attributed to a single individual, there seems to be a connection to Gavin and Yvonne Frost. This tradition is mostly focused on the male aspect of Wicca but has recently begun to emphasize on the goddess aspect as well as the Gods and goddesses of ancient Wales, Ireland, and Scotland, emphasizing a balance between the God and Goddess.  Celtic Wiccans seek to be closely attuned to nature (Gaia). Therefore, they use herbalism and divination, revere women, seek a connection with the ancestors and land spirits.  This tradition also emphasizes poetry in its magick,

The old Celtic religious system was polytheistic and nature based with focus on meditation.  It uses three concentric circles of salt, sulphur, and herbs.  It is also known as Baptist Wicca.


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