A Christian having doubts because of school

by Matt Slick

I found this dialogue hidden on my computer and decided to put it up. It is about a Christian who is having doubts because of what he is learning in school.

Sam: Hi. Do you have time to talk for a few minutes?
Matt: A few. Yes.
Sam: Okay. If you are busy please let me know. I've been looking at your web site. I am a Christian. A college student and I have q quick question.
Matt: What?
Sam: I go to a secular university and they teach that it doesn't matter what you believe and I've even had teachers make fun of Christ. It makes me angry and confused. What can I do to be more firm in my faith even while all those things are being taught.
Matt: Faith is only as good as whom you put it in. If it doesn't matter, then ask them if it is okay to put your faith in satanism and practice evil.
Sam: Ok
Matt: Always ask for documentation. Ask WHY they would say what they do . . .
Sam: yes I see . . .
Matt: Do you have my notebook?
Sam: No I sure don't. I saw it advertised on the page.
Matt: Well, it's basically what is on CARM. Could you email me with some of the specific questions they ask? I'm thinking of writing a book on this stuff.
Sam: Yes I sure will what is your address.
Matt: Go to http://www.carm.org/online-schools
Sam: Ok. I will do that. Thank you for your time. I know you must be busy. Please pray for me. My name is Sam.
Matt: What are you having doubts about? Can you get into my voice chat area? Do you have a microphone and speakers?
Sam: No, sorry I don't. I'm not as close to Christ as I used to be. I first placed my faith in Him 3 years ago. All the things I hear in college and everything doesn't seem to be strengthening my faith.
Sam: I try and follow Christ the best I can.
Matt: Well, tell me what it is that is causing you to doubt.
Sam: Several things . . . when I first placed my faith in Christ I didn't know much about Jesus. I just knew I needed Him. I didn't know He was God in the flesh, and I've heard people say that . . . a person cant be saved unless they know specific doctrines.
Matt: Yes and no . . .
Sam: I didn't know that stuff when I first placed my faith in Him.
Matt: A Christian will eventually come to accept that He is God. If a person continues to reject that, then he is not saved.
Sam: So sometimes I doubt my salvation because I didn't know those things then.
Matt: So? It's okay. You aren't saved by doctrine, per se. You're saved by Jesus.
Sam: I believe Christ is God. Sometimes I doubt. Mostly because of things I hear. But I always come back. Does it matter if you don't know the specific time you were saved?
Matt: It does not matter at all if you do not know the specific time you were saved. Heck, I can't even remember the year I got saved.
Sam: yes. I've read it so many times to strengthen my faith I can quote it by memory.
Matt: Praise God.


I don't know what happened to this dialogue. I unearthed it, and this was all there was. It is a shame there wasn't more, and it is equally sad that secular school is so antagonistic to Christianity.


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.