Introduction and Source Materials

by Matt Slick

Over the years I've taught many Bible studies. In preparation for these studies, I would sometimes use different commentaries. I would type my notes in a word processor and store them for future use. They were never intended for publication. However, since the advent of the Internet, publishing material has become very easy, and I am trying to adapt some of these early notes for Internet use. I have occasionally failed to provide proper documentation for specific quotes and references in the studies.

Therefore, there are probably sections in these studies where I may have unintentionally quoted somebody without citing a proper references. In order to rectify this, I've gone over my material and tried to backlog various references whereever I could. But I suspect I have missed some of it.

Nevertheless, the material in his Bible studies is partly my own writing and partly gleaning from the various sources listed below.

If you find a section or a quote that has not been properly documented, please let me know so I might rectify the error.

Sources Used

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