From Atheism to Christianity

I am now at a stage where I want to get baptized, and I want to be out there (in the world) preaching the gospel. I was brought up by atheist parents who for different reasons despised and opposed Christianity at any level. My paternal grandparents were Roman Catholic, and my maternal grandparents were Jehovah's witnesses. Even though my parents had strong convictions about religion, I went to a Christian primary school, and God entered my life as a child through my headmistress ( a very strong Christian). I was very strong in the faith up till when I was 15, when I did my first "backslide." I bowed to peer pressure and tried to convince myself that there was no God.

Around this time, God was trying to remind me to stay strong, because my sister and brother both became born-again Christians at around the same time. My sister was faced with a lot of objections from my parents and I was seen as the "reasonable" child. But God was still firmly on my mind and my brother and sister never stopped praying for me.

At 18, I decided I had enough of following other peoples' minds and decided that I would take God seriously. My best friend decided she wanted nothing to do with my "nerdiness", and did not contact me despite all my efforts.

At 21, I got married and had my first child. My husband was a believer in God and respected God's will, but like many he had his doubts. In this phase we both fell into sin, but thanks to our belief in God, we decided to get married, rather than remain adulterous. We prayed to God for forgiveness and his help in our marriage. My parents did not agree with this decision and decided to cut out all financial help. But as God would have it, I started a degree that same year I was pregnant, my husband got a Master's degree and I did not even need my parents' financial help.

I am now 24, a Computer Science graduate with a very good job and with two children know God is with me because I met three strong Christians at my workplace after I had prayed for God to keep my faith strong. My husband also has his dream job and we have dedicated both our children to the lord. My mother is now seriously considering being a Christian and has started asking the same questions I have seen on your website. Now, we are both attending baptism classes and I know God will be with us throughout. Truly, God is LORD!!!

Nkonye Oyewusi (Mrs.)
Submitted in 1998.


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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.