From Atheism, to The Way, to JW's to Jesus--Sandy Lowry's Story

Until I was about nineteen, I claimed to be an atheist. The Bible was then presented to me for the first time by a gentleman from the Way, and it seemed to make sense (also for the first time). My fiancé and I began attending Twig fellowship, but we experienced problems when we were about to marry. In order for the Way to marry a couple, they must first take $1,000 worth of classes. Not having the funds, we were even refused counseling. It was during this time we also disagreed with the hostility the group had toward homosexuality--we just didn't believe that saying "faggot" would minister to anyone, let alone lead them to Christ and inspire life changes.

After looking at many churches, I was heavy hearted. I just couldn't go where the Trinity was taught, as this was a major issue having come from the Way. I began to study with Jehovah's Witnesses just because of that one common thread. Pretty soon I was realizing that I was just going through the motions--I didn't have a heart-felt love for God. I was burning out between going to meetings and trying to appease my husband (who knew it wasn't the truth). My belief was that God still wanted my marriage to work, but I couldn't invest any time into it between work and meetings, meetings, meetings. I was told by fellow Witnesses that if my husband left me because of this, then God would bless me threefold for standing strong for Him. Thankfully it just didn't sit well with me, and I left. I had been in about a year, year and a half.

Believe it or not, I wasn't really pestered as some are--I had never been baptized with the Witnesses. However, I'll never forget the fear of leaving. I was confused and definitely didn't want to be part of the "apostasy" who preached against the Witnesses and suffered harsh judgment. I just knew that I would go straight to hell if I died right then. (I have no idea where the idea came from!) The turmoil was indescribable.

God put so many people in my path at this point, and I did begin to attend an Assemblies of God church with my husband. Yea! It was slow going though, and now about five years later I can finally utter, "Thank you Jesus!" and know that I have found Him. I'm finally trusting in God's promise for salvation and a heavenly hope! (I used to pray the prayer of His acceptance every time it was offered, just hoping that would be the time it actually came true.) I am now strong enough in my faith in Christ that I am not afraid to talk with Witnesses. I used to be so very intimidated when remembering all the training we were given to refute anything and everything said to us!

God is now growing us up very rapidly. We are growing in Christian maturity, purifying our home, sweeping our hearts clean, and entering into the roles God intended us to lead as a husband and wife. His praise is ever on my lips!

By His grace alone,

Sandi Lowery


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.