From the Drug Culture to Jesus

My name is Kevin and I am 21 years old. I grew up in an unchurched home, in fact my dad despised Christians. I got into drugs when I was probably 13. It didn't take long before I was wrapped up in the drug culture. As a sophomore in high school I was ready to drop out and work. My parents saw that I needed help and not knowing what to do they sent me to treatment. Treatment got me cleaned up, but it didn't fill me spiritually, so after a couple of years I went back to drugs.

Drugs messed up my head so bad I really couldn't work a normal job so I started selling marijuana to get by. That led me to my first Grateful Dead show. It was there I met the kids of Grateful Dead who called themselves "the family." They hooked me up with excellent prices on LSD. I was eating large doses of LSD. One time as much as about a 100 hits, which is called a sheet. That is the first night I actually saw a demon. I became to spun to continue to live in the community I was in, so I left my real family and started hitchhiking around the west coast looking for Grateful Dead kids to hang out with. I went to a concert in the Columbia Gorge and ended up eating a large amount of LSD. An angel of white light came to me and told me he was god and that I was his messiah. So for about four months I went around trying to start a cult and organize the hippie kids. It cost me everything I had. God resisted me every step of the way.

Eventually I got thrown in the hospital for extreme behaviors. There I learned that I wasn't the messiah. And I gave my heart to Jesus Christ and now I trust Him for my salvation. I renounced all my ties to the demons and the occult. I learned first-hand who is Lord. When He (Jesus) came into my life all the others had to flee.

God has given me the gift of evangelism, so I spend a lot of my time telling others the good news. It was hard coming out of that culture and it took me awhile to become totally free from the bondage I was under. But God has been faithful to walk with me every step of the way.

One thing I have learned is that no matter how extreme our past is, walking with God and being led by His Spirit is a lot more extreme than the world's ways if we let Him do what He wants to do.


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.