God's patience leads to repentance

My testimony is a pretty simple one but nonetheless powerful. I grew up in a regular family but my grandmother was a Pentecostal preacher. So my mom and dad believed in raising us kids in the church but we were in and out of church instead of being consistent.

We attended a few different churches over my childhood. I grew up in the world though. As a young person I never really connected with being a Christian because we were so inconsistent in church attendance.

Through the years as I continued to fall in and out of the world, God would place men and women who really knew Him in my path. But instead of coming toward God I would run away because I never knew that in order to make a change, we have to want to do that from our heart. I sat back and would say, "Here I am God, I am waiting for you to make a change in my life". Of course nothing would happen. Then I learned that God will not push himself on anybody and in order to change, we have to seek Him!

After many years of living in the world, having sex with any women I could, drugs, rock and roll music and living a very unsettled life, I married a wonderful woman.

After 2 years of marriage I was still very unsettled in my heart, I was incredibly restless and wanted so much more. I thought, "there has to be more in this life than just marriage, kids and work"? I tried to fill that void with everything from dirt bikes, jet skis, going to the bars, hanging with different friends, etc. Nothing seemed to fill that void and that hunger for something more, not even my new wife.

At that point in my life, something told me that my wife and I needed to return to church. We began going to a small Christian church and soon accepted Christ and were baptized together, but the church offered nothing as far as growth or discipleship training. After about 3 years I met a man at work who is absolutely on fire for God and through his church he began to disciple me. My wife went through discipleship training as well. After about 2-3 months my wife and I changed churches and thoroughly enjoy our new church. We have been called into youth ministry and spend every other month teaching our pre-teens about God. We serve on staff as youth leaders and I have felt the call to be a youth pastor and will soon begin Bible College and will continue to pursue Gods calling on our lives. God is so awesome. He can change anyone! He took me and has absolutely transformed me from a man who was on his way to hell to a man with a passion for Christ.


Larry Pierce



About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.