From Jehovah's Witnesses to Christianity--Kenny Necochea's Story

Hello, my name is Kenny Necochea. I live in San Diego, California, and have been a Christian by Divine providence--Acts 11:26--for approx. 4 years now. The fact that I do not remember the exact date of My Lord Jesus Christ saving me is a clue in itself of what cult I was once involved with.

The cult I was almost born into does not celebrate birthdays, Christmas, will not take blood transfusions or acknowledge Jesus Christ as God, as Thomas had in -John 20:28. These are just a few of the many doctrinal issues that are forced upon the adherents of the "Jehovah’s Witness" organization.

I will go back to the year, 1961 when at the age of 7 years old. I gave my first Bible reading in front of 200 people in a Kingdom Hall in Escondido, Cal. My mother eventually moved us to an English speaking congregation in Linda Vista, a community about 30 miles south of Escondido. She sensed a need to do this because we were losing interest as we were maturing. I eventually became a baptized member when I was 14 years old, due to peer pressure. It still amazes me that at that age. I was allowed to make such a monumental decision in my life that eternally tethered me to this organization and that I was allowed to discern for myself the nature and course of my spiritual future. Yet, according to my parents and the law, I lacked the discernment to drive a car!

I remember feeling very frightened about this time and which was also a catalyst for becoming baptized because we were being prepared by the Governing Body that Armageddon was just around the corner. Specifically, 1975! We even had a calendar that we annually purchased from the organization that was blank after August of 1975! I began to prepare for Armageddon, I worked my way into becoming a Ministerial Servant, which is the equivalent to Deacons in the Christian faith.

Well, by this time, I had been groomed to present public discourses that taught an array of subjects. Oh, I almost forgot, I also became a Ministerial Servant to avoid the draft. Vietnam was raging at the time and I was seeking a 4F minister’s status with the selective service. Fortunately, the war had ended and not long after that 1975 came and went. This didn't sit well with me and soon after this failed prophecy I waned in my interest with the organization. I eventually became agnostic and was on the verge of atheism. I felt that if the organization was not the true religion, there was no such thing! This attitude lasted for about 10 years. Intermittently, Christians encroached in my life, but the two people that were instrumental in leading me to Jesus Christ is my lovely wife and my dear friend Peter.

I know some of you will understand this and hopefully all of you will, but GOD is the real source of my salvation -Romans 8:28,29 - He allowed me to become one of Jehovah's Witnesses so that I could experientially share the glory, power and wisdom that is abundantly His. HE SAVED ME! I am FREEEEEEE. Free to lavish Him with praise! I could never have experienced as a JW, like I do as a Christian. This was no easy task because I first attempted this on my own. Not knowing just how to release my JW mind-set I was in bondage of a while even after becoming saved by grace.-Ephesians 2:8,9- I went through a "delayering" of the mind control efforts of the organization. God eventually showed me that I was trying to control my life and not allowing Him to do a work in me. My wife recognized a need in me also. She eventually enrolled me into a class at a local Bible institute. The first requirement was to take a class titled "self confrontation". Well, POW! God smacked me right between the eyes! At this time I started to see what others were viewing in me, I must say it wasn't a pretty sight! This class also brought me closer to my God and Savior -1 Peter 1:1- But I know that I will continue to grow in Him. I am now involved in a ministry that helps those with the same needs as I once had or anyone who wants to hear the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am forever His, I now see the true religion and it's not inan organization or with some alliance with men who can mislead you. It's a relationship with the most powerful and only God in this universe, The Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

If anyone would like to know more about Him, email me at:

Eternally in Christ,

Kenny Necochea


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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.