From Mormonism to the Truth in Jesus--Keith Peterson's Story

Hello, my name is Keith W. Peterson. I would like to tell you as best I can, (I am not a skilled author), how it is I came out of the LDS church. First let me tell you, I was born and raised in the LDS church. The first of my family to join the LDS church was one John August Warnick. He was baptized into the church in 1863. To my knowledge all members of my family on my father's side have all been Mormons. I also believe that my father and I are the only ‘ex-Mormons’ in the family--myself because I left the church, my father because he was excommunicated. Though there are many ‘jack-Mormons’ within the family.

I was as I’m sure you guessed, born and raised LDS. I had no clue that we were not Christians. Though I was taught by the church that none outside the church were true Christians. We, were the only real Christians. I look back, I go over Mormon teachings and I wonder, how is it my family members fell for such teaching? How is it I never noticed that what I believed as a Mormon, was anti-biblical?

I enjoyed church when I was young. Considered going on a mission, but never did. I wanted to be the perfect Mormon, for my family.

The years passed and I eventually stopped going to church. I was to busy working, having fun, etc. Eventually I married. Married a non-Mormon. We had two daughters, and having a family now, I began to think of God. And I wanted to begin taking my girls to church.

I told my wife of my plans that we all begin attending church, and that we would be attending the LDS church. To which she replied, (not recalling her exact words), something to the effect of, ‘over my dead body!’

I didn’t get it. I didn’t understand her protest. Her mother attended a Unity church when she was young, but her Grandmother saw to it that she herself attended a conservative Baptist church. So my wife’s back ground was Baptist.

While my wife could not really explain to me what her objection to the LDS church was, she explained enough that I became curious. And I began searching for information on the LDS church. I found that their true history was not that which we were taught in church. Joseph Smith did not die a LDS hero. He died a criminal. (When I was young, I knew more about the death of Smith then I did the death of Christ. Smith was given much more importance than was Christ).

I did not know that Smith was a dabbler into various forms of magic and the like.

I did not realize that no where in the Bible are we taught that Christ and Lucifer were brothers.

I did not realize that there exists no council of gods.

I did not realize that my attitude towards my wife was unbiblical. I was not to rule over her. I was to love her as Christ loves the church.

I just believed so much unbiblical junk, that it has taken me years to drop most of it.

All I can say, is that God lead me to various ministries that freely gave to me truthful information concerning the LDS church. Then He lead me to a wonderful church that has me now firmly footed in the Word of God.
I did not leave the Mormon church because I wanted to, I did not want to leave it. It was fine to live my life as a jack-Mormon, but to actually leave it was another story. To leave this cult, was likely one of the hardest things I have ever done. I had many doubts as to if I was doing the right thing or not.

I can not point to any defining moment when I knew I had to leave the church. But I can point to who brought me from the church. Jesus Christ. Jesus brought me out, I was to be His, and I could not be His and remain a Mormon. And this is when I knew, I was His, because no matter how hard I fought, and tried to rationalize my staying in the Mormon church. It simply could not be done.

Every time I turned around, I was understanding LDS doctrine as I never understood it before, and I was understanding, that the god of Mormonism and the God of the Bible were two different beings. The god of Mormonism was a fictional, non existent god. While the God of the Bible is the only God, there is no other.

Anyway, I’m babbling.

Jesus Christ is my Lord, my Savior. There is none other. I do not want the little god of Mormonism, I serve the God of creation, and I will be spending all of eternity worshipping Him. And I pray, I will be worshipping Him, with you. That is my prayer for you if you are in Mormonism. If you are a Jehovah’s Witness, a new ager, who ever you are. If you are outside of Christ, I pray you come to Him and ask Him for rest.

Keith W. Peterson


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.