Out of alcoholism and saved by Jesus--Dan's Story

I was a JW, Full time Pio., Ministerial servant and member of JW's for 10 years. After much ado my wife and I left the Org. My basic beliefs toward God became one of semi atheism. I wanted nothing to do with "Religion". I was sick of man's traditions and hypocrisy. This is my testimony 9 years after I left the JW's. I was delivered on May 7 1998.

I was an alcoholic (severe) for 8 years after leaving the JW's. I became so bad that I could not go more than two hours with out a drink or I would start shaking and go on the verge of full D.T.'s. I knew I was in serious trouble. I went to my physician for help and took two weeks off from work to "Detox". Well my doctor prescribed Librium to keep me from going into D.T.'s. She gave me a prescription for 25 and told me to take one when I felt like I was starting to shake or getting nervous. By the end of the day (4pm) I called my doctor because I was afraid I was going to run out of Librium before The next morning. She asked how that could be, so I informed her I had already taken 19 pills since 9am that morning. She could not believe I was still standing. However in more intense questioning she realized I was much more addicted to alcohol than she had realized. So she gave me another prescription for 25.

Well at the end of the two weeks I went back to work and my doctor kept me amply supplied with Librium so I could cope with work and not drink. Well the great truthful alcoholic I was, I lead her on to believe I was coping just great....but keep the Librium coming due to severe nervousness. Boy was that a lie from the pit of Hell. Never believe an alcoholic, and by that time I was as fully addicted to Librium also. Between the two I could just float through the days in complete abandonment.

Well that came to a screeching halt when my doctor discontinued my Librium after a scheduled office visit to check on my progress. The minute I walked in the door she said the wreak of booze coming from me almost bowled her over. She told me I was hopeless and the only way I could recover at all was if I let her institutionalize me for two months. I of course in all my wisdom absolutely refused and claimed I would just cut down on my own and quit. Ha! As I started "Kicking" Librium cold turkey my alcohol consumption skyrocketed to all new levels. I could not stop, I would wake up at least every two hours when a normal person would be sleeping due to shaking and slam down a couple of quick drinks so I could go back to sleep.

Finally in my darkest hour at 6am one morning getting ready to start another laborious day of keeping myself plastered ( which was all I lived for anymore) I decided I would just shoot myself and end the nightmare as soon as my wife left for work that morning. I hit my knee's in that instant and just begged God and Jesus Christ if they Truly existed { I had my doubts) to just touch me and take all the  alcohol from my body including every cell, and to take the emotional pain I was in away if He just wanted too. Well I started tingling all over immediately and just got up from my knee's and sat down. I felt strange and warmth and for once in 8 years I was stone sober...scary kind of. But in two hours I was praising God in the shower and singing to the top of my lungs that He was Truly the sovereign and loving God that I had come to know in the Holy Bible. He filled me with the Holy Spirit and I have never been the same since that day. God is still alive and active. He is still performing miracles in our time.

I now help the addicted, the prostitute and the lost. I live Through Jesus Christ and hold out that hope to any and all that wish to receive him as Their Lord and Savior. I have seen many miracles in the last year of my sobriety in many peoples lives that had no hope. The only hope for this sick and dying World is Jesus Christ whose Gospel is written throughout the NT and foretold of in the OT. That is why I bother to I still seek his truth and his counsel within the pages of the Bible. The bible did not mislead lead me. Man did as foretold of by Jesus Christ himself. So that is why I still believe. No one could ever take away the miracle of what happened to me. I know who I called on and I know who touched me. I will live out the rest of my life reaching the lost and the Bound of this Earth.

In Christ,



About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.