Out of Mormonism and into Christ--John Sanders' Story

I know that the best place to take a firm stand on in this life is Jesus Christ. What He did, said, promised are the only things that we can rely on in this wind tossed world. My decision to leave the Mormon church is based on Christ alone. My understanding of the Bible and what it taught was in complete contradiction to the Mormon beliefs. What disturbed me the most was the role of the Savior in the Mormon church. The Bible portrays a God that came down and saved us all. Mormonism doesn't. It is that simple yet such a profound statement! What God must feel about the Mormon church would break all of our hearts. Here are a group of dedicated people who are trying so earnestly to earn those things that He gave freely. It would be like refusing free money from someone but then telling them you would like to earn it instead. What a slap to the face of God. The humanizing of Christ in the Mormon church has led them to believe that they are on the same level as Him. That is simply false. Anyone who reads the Bible with an open mind will be aware of the error in this. I use to think, hey..if Christ did it...so can I! That to, I have found, is another false doctrine.

At the time when I was a Mormon, I tried to simplify Christ and put Him into a category that was well defined. He has a body just like me. He is my literal brother. He is separate and distinct from God. How wrong I was! He is much more than I ever imagined! How great He truly is! I have released Him from the spiritual prison in my mind to ascend into Heaven where He belongs. He needs this perspective to guide me and lead me along the paths of righteousness. How truly sad that some people don't do the same. Keeping the genie bottled up in the lap will not do us any good. He must be free! If He isn't, then He isn't God.

I have decided that as of today, September 19, 1998, to allow Him to be the captain of my ship. This is a big step for me. There are a lot of people to thank for bringing me to this point, but it all comes down to Him, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am not going away, this is just the start for me.

Watch out world cuz here I come.

John Sanders

** This is it, fresh off the presses and the acceptance of Christ into my life, enjoy! ***


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.