Out of unbelief and JW's to Jesus

My name is Ada, and this is my testimony as to what Jesus has done to better my life. Approx. 1 year ago my life was a wreck!!! I was pregnant with my second child. My husband and I were ready to give up our wedding vows. Our finances were at "0" even though we were working, and we were living at home with my husband's parents!! I felt that things could not get any worse!!

I was raised Jehovah's witness, so through out this time, I prayed and asked him to help me get through these troubling times. It did not help! I started to doubt that there was even a god, so I began to deny Him and depend on yourself. Things still got worse! Then my little sister and her husband, whom I had made fun of because of her beliefs, asked me to join them at their church on a Sunday. Feeling like all was lost, I gave it a shot!! That day the pastor made me realize that there was someone who did care all along, but I was denying him, Jesus!!! The people at the church were so loving, and sincere, that I began to cry my heart out!! I told my husband about what I had found, but unfortunately, he was still not willing to work things out. He was depressed, drinking heavily, and basically, did not care. So I continued to go the pastor and his wife for advice on my marriage. I felt so frustrated. They encouraged me to love my husband, even though I was angry with him; after all "Jesus is love". So I did.

Approx. 3 weeks later I was filled with the Holy Spirit in front of the whole congregation, even though I was not baptized yet. I had been asking for forgiveness for all my sins, (trust me I have sinned!) and "he" forgave me!  I had never felt so happy in my life. I started to immediately see things in a different point of view, and I continuously prayed for my family's salvation.

Well as of today, myself, my husband, two lovely daughters, and one baby boy one the way have been attending "First Assembly of God" church for approx. 1 year!! We are closer as a family than we ever were. We have our own home, finances are okay, and we are more active in the church than we would have ever imagined!!

I thank the lord for the opportunity to serve him. And I praise him every time I sit down at the dinner table, with my family to eat. The lord is good!! "Receive him and you shall receive power," it is so true!!!



About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.