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Below are a sampling of quotes taken from some of Mr. Walsch's books. The numbers here correspond with the numbers that follow each summary statement under the “Teachings” section in the CwG article. The words in green are what Mr. Walsch claims to be God's words, and his own words are in black.

1.  “The parts of Me that have become the lot of You are what We are talking about here. Thus, the Divine Dichotomy: There is only One of us. There are Many of us...We are all the same energy, coalesced, compressed in different ways to create different forms and different matter” (pp. 194, 195).3

“I am not the result of a process. I am The Process Itself. I am the Creator, and I am The Process by which I am created. Everything you see in the heavens and the earth is Me, being created” (p. 374).3

“...God IS you, doing the giving and the receiving. Therefore, God wants nothing from you, needs nothing from you, demands nothing from the individuated aspect of Itself that you think of as 'you' (pp. 104,105).7

2.  “To you I have given the ability to consciously create your experience, which is the ability I have. Through you, I can know every aspect of me...And what you are experiencing (and what I am experiencing through you) is Me, creating Me. I am in the continual act of creating Myself” (p. 59).3

3.  “God did not intend for us to be dependent on Him. God intended for us to be independent. Free. And not only free, but fully capable. Of what? Of producing, of creating, of experiencing, what we have long desired” (p. 86).7

“It is impossible to be a victim of circumstances you create...You create all the circumstances of your life. If you create them at the conscious level, you will be aware of it. If you create them at the subconscious or superconscious level, you may not. You will have created the circumstances nonetheless” (p. 57).5

“Thus, when it 'looks as if' Personal Creation is not working, it is only because the Energy of Attraction has brought you what you inadvertently selected rather than what you thought you chose” (p. 64).4

“If God wanted something specific from us, God would hardly give us the power to create anything we want! And yet we have this power. Do you believe this? If you do not believe it, then, of course, you do not have the power – because you are using the power to create the reality that you do not have it” (pg.190).7

4.  “You and love cannot be separated in any way, for love is what God is, and you are not separate from God, nor were you ever, nor will you ever be” (p. 126).7

5.  “Christ is God made man. He is simply not the only man made of God. Every man is 'God made Man.' You are Me, expressing in your present form...My purpose in creating you, My blessed creatures, was so that I might have an experience of Myself as the Creator of My Own Experience” (p. 58).3

6.  “Jesus saw everyone as they truly are, he did not require others to accept his higher idea but instead honored them where they were, he allowed others to love their Reality and assisted them in their choice, anyone who asked him for help received what they asked for and not what Jesus wanted to give, he made no judgments – all this to empower people at their own level” (pp.161,162).2

7.  “Changing forms need not produce an experience of loss, because you may return to any particular physical form at any time you wish...This is described in some of your religious traditions as the second coming of Christ – although many of you have imagined that this can and will happen for only one person. The fact is that each of you may experience your Self and the Christened One, and, in fact, all of you have the potential of doing that at any time” (pp. 137, 138).5

8.   “I have no way to separate Myself from you – or anything else. 'Hell' is simply not knowing this. 'Salvation' is knowing and understanding it completely. You are now saved. You needn't worry about what's going to happen to you 'after death' anymore” (p. 65).3

“No path to God is more direct than any other path. No religion is the 'one true religion,' no people are 'the chosen people,' and no prophet is the 'greatest prophet'” (pp. 97,98).6

“It's a New Gospel that could save the world, but the world cannot preach these two sentences...They are too disruptive...Maybe there are some brave religious and political leaders who might take up this proposed New Gospel and repeat it. Let's proclaim it here!” “'We Are All One.' 'Ours is not a better way, ours in merely another way'” (p.210).6

9.  “Of course, no one seriously suggests that the Bible is to be taken literally” (p. 179).7

“The Bible writers were great believers and great historians. They took the stories which had been passed down to them and to their friends by others – elders – from elder to elder, until finally a written record was made...This process of selecting and editing continued throughout the gathering, writing, and publishing of the gospels, and the Bible.” (p.67).1

10.  “The world is full of contradictions, My Son. Lack of contradictions is not a necessary ingredient in truth. Sometimes greater truth lies within the contradiction” (p. 165).3

“There is no such thing as THE truth. We've already gone over that. Let it be enough that you can get in touch with YOUR truth” (p. 169).5

11.  After a paraphrase of Matt 25:34-40, Mr. Walsch's god says, “This is my Truth, and it still stands for all the ages” (p.179).2

12.  “Your First Cultural Myth is that human beings are inherently evil. This is the myth of original sin. The myth holds that not only is your basic nature evil, you were born that way” (p. 244).3

“If you think that you were born in sin, are a sinner now, and will be a sinner always, how are you most likely to act? Yet if you believe that you are One with God, that you walk in step with the Divine, how, then, will you behave? I tell you this: You are an angel” (p. 283).6

13.  “There is no such thing as Right and Wrong. There is only What Works and What Does Not Work, depending upon what it is that you seek to be, do, or have” (p. 164).6

“The difficulty with morals, and I have just pointed out, is that they change from time to time and place to place, depending upon what it is a society or its members are trying to accomplish. Morality is, therefore, extremely subjective” (pg. 170).6

14.  “When at last you see that there is no separation in God's World – that is, nothing which is not God – then, at last, will you let go of this invention of man which you have called Satan...Men invented the devil to scare people into doing what they wanted, under the threat of separation from God if they did not” (p. 65).3

“Now there are no 'rights' and 'wrongs,' no 'dos' and 'don'ts' in My world...and you do not burn in the everlasting fires of hell if you make a 'bad' choice, because neither 'bad' nor 'hell' exists – unless, of course, you think that it does” (p. 129).3

15.  “You cannot die, and you will never be condemned to eternal damnation...It is true, and it will change everything, the moment you decide to live it as your personal truth” (p. 326).6

“Death is reversible...Everyone who 'dies' is able to make a decision as to how they wish to go on living – and where” (pp. 256,257).5

“It is simply as I have said: after dying, every soul is given the opportunity to remain in the Afterlife or to return to the physical life from which it has just come” (p.258).5

“When you do the thing you called 'die' - that is, after you end your time with a physical body here on Earth – you will be given the opportunity for a Life Review. In fact, you will ask for it. You will want it. It will be a major part of the process by which you come to know more about yourself and about Life, by which you evolve” (p. 126).6

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