Why Internet Apologetics and How to Use this Section

 by Matt Slick

The internet is full of chat rooms and those chat rooms are full of cultists, atheists, Muslims, relativists, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc., and they are all opposing the truth of God's word.  Unfortunately, too many Christians don't have the resources or knowledge to be able to provide answers.  That is what this section is for.

The purpose of this page is to provide quick cut and paste answers to common objections against Christianity as well as provide documentation for cult teachings.  Each answer has been boiled down to a maximum of 255 characters, including spaces, to allow it to be pasted on all chat systems -- at least all that I checked.  If you know of other basic questions, please let me know.

Each topic in this section will contain quotes and/or statements to copy and paste.  Additionally, they will have comments after them to help you ask appropriate questions or make good points.  Remember, this is only an aid and not a fool-proof way of winning a debate -- you also need how to do your own thinking.  But, these quick quotes can help you get started.  Also, the point is not simply to win.  It is to point people to the truth (Jesus) and to refute error.

Please feel free to cut and paste the information.  You do not need to get permission to do so.  A quick way to cut and paste is to have your screen divided up into two sections:  one with the chat program and the other with CARM open.  Simply resize the windows to make them fit.

  1. Using the mouse to copy and paste
    1. It is easy to select the text with a mouse.   After selecting the text by clicking and dragging, then right mouse click on the text.  A small window will open.  Click on "Copy."  Then go to your destination window, right mouse click and select "Paste."  The copied text will then be pasted where you need it.
  2. Using the keyboard to select, copy, and paste.
    1. You can select text by putting the cursor where you want it, holding down the shift key and pressing the arrow key.  Your text will become selected as the cursor moves through the text.
    2. Copy the text by hitting CTRL + C.
    3. Once in the window you desire, CTRL + V will paste the material into the window.
      1. Note:  By having your left hand on the keyboard, and with your thumb and forefinger (thumb on the "ALT" key and the finger on the "TAB" key), you can move between windows.

Please freely use the material here.  Provide the evidence and documentation as much as you can, and bring the truth to bear on those who would oppose it. 


This article is also available in: Español


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.