A Dark Story

by Matt Slick 


In a dark, hot pit filled with jagged stones and grey shadows, evil spirits slowly gathered.  They came to hear three demons speak of their battles against God and his people.  Finally, when the time was right, one demon that resembled a dog with wet leathery skin, raised its carcass upon clawed feet, moved forward, and in a gurgling, low voice brought forth its proclamation. "I caused the death of a Christian this week. He died slowly, in great pain, and his witness is no more."

Upon hearing the good news the demonic horde erupted in loud, growling, excitement.  The first demon, satisfied, raised its head proudly before returning to the throng.  Then the second demon moved forward.  It had two twisted horns that erupted out of its head and pointed upwards and backwards.  The scales on its body faintly reflected distant firelight.  It stopped, turned, and glared menacingly at the assembly until the pit finally grew quiet.  Then in a mocking voice it said, "The death of the saved is most to be sought. But saved he be, and here he is not." The first demon returned a hate-filled stare through glowing, red eyes, then snorted a grotesque breath.

The second demon bore a fanged smile and in a craggy voice said, "A family of four believers this week did die by a dark servant, a drunkard in a car. They laid in agony upon the road. The cold rain drowned their tears and with great pain they each slowly passed to the enemy.  To our master's delight their witness is no more."

The demon horde erupted again, but in greater, and more violent growls than before.  Then, when the noise finally died once again, the second stepped down, proudly dragging its tail and legs behind, filling the pit with the sound of scraping flesh.

Finally, the third demon rose and took the place of boasting. It did not look as hideous as the other two, nor did it move with self-exalting pride.  Instead, it smiled slightly, looked out through its narrow, cunning eyes, and calmly said, "Death has not come to the believer I have killed. His heart is cold and he has little room for the love of our Enemy. He is known for belief in the One, yet in small things of darkness he partakes. By word and deed he defames the name of God. His poor witness will continue for many to see."

With this the demonic horde, quietly bowed to the greater victory.



Copyright  Matthew J. Slick 1996.


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.