The Christian's Two-Fold Calling

by Matt Slick

There is a lot of discussion in Christianity about how Christians are supposed to live and spread the gospel. Some say we are to be contemplative and non-confrontational.  Others say we are supposed to be sensitive to people’s needs, not to confront them, and love them.  Others prefer to be more bold.  Whatever your preference, one thing is for sure - as Christians we are commanded by God to evangelize, to reach out and seek the lost.

Now, we Christians already know this.  But, I’d like to focus on two things involved in the calling of the Christian when it comes to our relationship with those who don’t know Christ.  Consider this.  First, we present God to them and second, we present them to God.  Let me explain.

You present God to people when you live as a Christian, when you speak of moral purity, when you promote love, when you oppose unrighteousness, when you exercise forgiveness, and when you do all of this in the name of Jesus, the crucified Lord who died, was buried and rose from the dead.  

You are the one the non-Christians see and hear.  You are the one the unbelievers will judge God by because they will look at what you stand for, at your heart, your words, and your actions.  And they will judge how great God is by what he has done in your life.  They can't help this because they don't know God.  But they do know you.

Now, on the other hand, you present people to God when you pray and ask Him to save them.  You have the power, because of Jesus, to boldly approach the throne of God and ask the Holy Lord to save people and show them the same grace he has shown you.  You have the authority to ask God himself to open the minds and hearts of people to Jesus.  You have the privilege of presenting them to the Holy Lord and interceding for them.

So, your calling is great and it is simple.  You present God to people and people to God.  This isn’t always easy to do, but it is your calling.


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.