Election is the work and act of God where he chooses among fallen mankind those who will benefit from the redemptive work of Christ and also manifest belief and trust in Christ's work. Election comes from the Greek word eklectos, and occurs more than 20 times in the New Testament.

Election is also used in the sense of God choosing certain people to accomplish certain events. God chose certain people to do certain things, such as Abraham (Genesis 18:19), Moses (Psalms 106:23), Jacob (Romans 9:10-13), and Paul (Acts 9:15). God elects/chooses people to do various tasks, such as bear fruit (John 15:16).

The elect, in regard to salvation, are those chosen by God for that purpose (2 Thessalonians 2:13). For the sake of the elect, the days of trial before the return of Christ will be shortened (Matthew 24:22), and there is the proclamation that the elect cannot be misled by false Messiahs (Matthew 24:24). The elect will be brought together from the four winds (Matthew 24:31).