Taxonomic Rank

A Taxonomic Rank is the level that an organism is placed within the hierarchical level arrangement of life forms. At the top of the chart is the category that has the most general qualities. For example, creatures in the classification of domain would be animals. Another domain category would be plants. The chart descends with more specific criteria added in each subsequent designation. Therefore, there would be thousands of species under genus and hundreds of genus within a family, etc.

T a x o n o m i c   R a n k   C h a r t
Domain Archaea, Bacteria, EukaryaKingdom
Plants, Fungi, Bacteria, Animals
--Body Plan--  Quadrupeds, Bi-peds, Fish, Mollusks, Birds, Cordata
--Common Traits--Vertebrates, Invertebrates,  Arachnids, Mammals,
Carnivore, Herbivore, Primates,
Apes, Lemurs, Hominidae
Genus  Feline, Canine, HomoSpecies
Horse, Wolf, Elephant, Tuna, Eagle, Homo Sapien