Can how you dress affect your salvation?

by Matt Slick

How you dress does not affect your salvation, but your salvation affects how you dress. We are not saved because of the kind of clothes we wear. We are saved by faith in Christ. However, this does not mean we can dress inappropriately or that we lose our salvation by the kind of clothes we wear.

When a person is saved, she has the Holy Spirit living in her. As a result, she will begin to change her behavior and begin to dress in a more godly fashion. But what does "more godly fashion" mean? Generally speaking, a woman who is saved, who has the Lord living in her, will not want to dress in a provocative manner so as to draw attention to her body and cause anyone to lust.  Women who are godly tend to dress modestly, but that does not mean dressing like a prude. It is perfectly fine to dress in modern styles. Women can dress very nicely, in a very feminine manner, but also in such a way as to guard their own beauty so they are not drawing unwarranted attention to various areas of their physique.

This concern for godly behavior and appearance is sanctification. Sanctification is the process God puts us through to make us more like Jesus. Of course, Jesus didn't have an issue with the clothes he wore, but the point is that when we love others (Matt. 22:39), we don't want to tempt them by how we dress. Women, because they look so good, can easily dress seductively. But the more sanctified a woman becomes in Christ, the more conscious she will be about how she presents herself to the world.


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.