Even More Love and Hate Mail

"I want to thank you for your frank, candid and factual Mormonism material. I also have been studying the faults of the Mormon Doctrine and will return to your page later for some copies." "What a transparent and combative attitude you have taken towards your fellow human being. . . Your intolerance and closed-mindedness pervades the entire text you have written. . .You have a very, very, large hole in the chinks of your hateful armor. . . And don't reply please, unless you change your rhetoric."
"I just finished watching the entire debate between you (Matt) and Mr. Kagin, and I want to say thank you.  I am a baptist minister in the south, and I spend quite a bit of time working on apologetics. I work full time as a chaplain at a gospel rescue mission, and I get a lot of the questions that you handled.  Your handling of the questions was thorough, and Scriptural, and your opponent's "refutations" of your stance and arguments was pretty sad.
Thank you so much for doing what you do. I will add you to my church's prayer list, that you would speak the Truth of God's word to a lost and dying world. Thanks Matt.  Pastor Rob"
"I don't remember ordering anything from you guys but I must have because I am getting mail from you. I believe your material is false teaching and I don't want to receive anything else from you. I will not open any more mail from you.........it is going straight into the fire !!"
"Thank you, Mr. Slick, for your website. CARM has proven a wonderful resource; one I find myself visiting often. While I know you receive much attention for your debating skills, I feel that your sense of humor is woefully under appreciated. I got a huge kick out of your "Pick An Insult" page. You have a wonderfully warped sense of humor. It strikes me as funny that I have been using your website as an online apologetics tool for over a year, but it's only after I found the "Pick An Insult" page that I felt compelled to express my appreciation. Keep up the good work, and never lose that funny bone.  In Christ, Matthew" "I find it interesting that CARM is very quick to critisize religions based on that religions founders and followers logic and interpretation of the Word of God."
"Hi!  I just came across your site.  I am a Muslim living in Pakistan.  I just want to say to Matt Slick and the other CARM members that your site is very respectful of other religions and your questions to Muslims and other religions/sects/cults are put across clearly/succinctly and respectfully.  I wish we had more such people in all major religions of the world.  Best wishes, Sami" "So, you believe that there is no right or wrong as long as you believe it is right, ask the Muslims. You don't think Christ might have been a little overbearing when he threw the money changers out of the church? You say Mr. Murrary don't practice or preach religious tolerance, evidently you do not either since you are condeming hie teachings also."
  "You certainly are Biblically ignorant. Are you planning on flying out of here in Satan's Rapture? I suppose you think the fakes like Tim Lahaye and John Hagee are right."
"I just wanted to take a sec to say thank you to you guys, I especially appreciate your Religious Movements section which has helped me defend Christianity against powerful movements like Mormonism, I can't send my Mormon friends to most sites to refute their claims since most sites slander and ridicule them.  I have a special place in my heart for this deceived movement, and I love that I can send them to carm.org without being afraid of them getting scared off before they get Christ’s message.  Max" "Matt Slick, I recently watched some of your debates with atheists regarding TAG and the existence of god. I was wondering where you learned how to debate?  Because I have to say, you got destroyed by both Matt Dillahunty and Edwin Kagin!!!  I have never heard a debater claim victory during a debate like you do on so many occasions.  Asserting something does not make it true!!  I'm convinced you know your arguments ********, otherwise there would be no point for the childish assertions.  So going by what you said that something is either physical or conceptual which one is god?  What's the matter *************? Steve"
"Hi there, I know that you probably receive many emails from people and you can't possibly respond to all of them.  I just wanted to say thank you for the information you have posted about Mormonisn on your site.  After 42 years of being away from the Mormon church my Dad has begun attending services again.  As a true believer in Jesus Christ I have found much help in witnessing to him through information on your website. If you are able would you please pray for him, his name is Dick and for me as I witness to him. There are no other Christians in his life other than me and as you have probably already figured out the deception/brain washing of Mormonism runs deep in a person's soul.  I will continue to share information from your website along with the true inspired word of God.  In Christ, Julie" "I started browsing your site and became interested in what I "perceived" to be information that was very informative and educational. However, much to my disappointment after reading your opinions about Roman Catholicism I realized that not only was this an anti Catholic site but also came to the realization that the information given out here was horribly "bias" like your opinions on the Catholic Church. Do you realize it is against scripture to put down and mock any Christian religion. To do so is the work of Satan. Ken"
  "To CARM, you need to read all of your bible and not just a few selected verses. It is interest how you judge certain people not to be Christian.......and some could say the same of you from their point of view. Maybe that judgement should be left to God."
"This website is God's blessing in the digital age. Thank you." "I am saddened by this page and its content."
"I truly appreciate the time and effort you put into you page. I concur with most of what you say." "Do to the unnatural, and untruthful extent of your homepage, I would have to take legal action upon this. I would recommend you shutting your homepage down. You have until April 3, 1997."
"I really enjoy your website and refer to it often in my study of cults and false teachings." "Consider yourself warned, however, that what you do is a great offense in the eyes of the lord"
"Thank you for your work on the exploitation of the cults and the affirmation of Christian principles. . . . let me reiterate my thanks to you and let you know my prayers are with you in your mission of educating all of us in the area of cults. "Lets see, your wrong about almost everything...listen, pal, you don't know what your talking about. Feelings as mine don't happen everyday."
"I have enjoyed reading your homepage. It is informative to Christians, helpful to doubting Mormons, and above all it is truthful." "Honestly Matthew, for you to so recklessly say the mean spirited things you say about Mormons, and others....don't you feel deja vu? The same tactics were used against Jesus (although you were unsuccessful then." too!)
"I have been using some of your material concerning cults in a Bible study group at the church I attend. I find it very helpful. "Hmm. . .Let me see how I can simplify this for you....YOUR WRONG!!!"
"I appreciate your honesty and good research. Keep up the good work." "It is sad that a man will take so much energy to "know" the faith of others....LDS members are no more cult members than are believing Baptists, Methodists, Catholics, etc."
"Your articles are concise and to the point. Your page is a useful tool to the non believer as well as the luke-warm Christian." "Just checking in to see if you've been able to figure out the truth and stop selling the lies. Let me know if you need help."
"I truly appreciated your page. I wish there were millions more like you who would stick up for the truth of the Bible and Jesus Christ." "I am writing to inform you of the invalidity of your web page entitled "A Biblical Response To Mormonism", in which you refer to the Church as a "cult", and to OUR (yours and mine) Jesus as the "wrong Jesus". Don't you think this is just a -bit- blasphemous to say? . . . it is my firm belief that your attempt to disprove or refute the Church is hurting your spirit."
"I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your web page, and the information in it will help me save some of my friends. Thanks" "You definitely need to wake up and smell the coffee. I dont know where you get this stuff from. I really am going to pray for you because you have your facts all wrong."
"I truly appreciate for the Web Page Christian Apologetics and Research Ministries. Personally, I feel it is very useful for me to find useful information about the uniqueness of Christianity compared to other religion." "Please don't lie. If you lie you have to make a lie up to cover up the first lie, then you have to make up a lie to cover up the second lie, then you have to make up a lie to cover up the third lie, then. . . Oh my, please don't lie. I was thinking of you when I wrote this poem."
"I've read your web pages and let me begin by saying "God bless" for the work you have done "here" in cyber-space. "I just read what you have written on the internet and it is a bunch of garbage. you have no idea what you are talking about. . . destroying anybodies beliefs is a horrid thing to do."
"I would just like to say that your web page is very interesting and I appreciate that there are voice out there on this virtual planet that express and define the call of Jesus." "if you have even the slightest inclination towards integrity in your scholarship or religious activities -- if truth means something to you consider the absolute hypocrisy you advertise on your website."
"This website is beautiful!" "Why don't you get the devil out of your hard soul?????"

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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.