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The following quotes are simply more of the unprovoked and continuous put-downs by universalists from different universalist websites.  I am still amazed at how much hatred is shown to those, like myself, who do not agree with the universalist philosophy.

My comments follow each one in green.  Also, I have left their many grammar and punctuation errors intact.

Why do I put these quotes up?  Simple.  To demonstrate the fruit of universalism.  They are clever in their scripture twisting and the untrained cannot easily discern their errors.  But, the untrained can easily detect the ungodliness of their hatred.  If they were of God, wouldn't they bear the fruit of godliness, love, patience, kindness, etc., that the Lord commands of those who claim His name?  Are their comments the good fruit of God's love and truth, or is it the fruit of hatred spewed against those who oppose a possible idol called universalism?  When people bow before idols and someone attacks those idols, condemnation and hatred are hurled at those who defend the truth.

  1. "I maintain that Robert and ABC and Matt Slick and other modern day pharisees (sincere and lovable as they may be) are preaching a false jesus. A jesus who is lovable and trustworthy ONLY to those who can rejoice in THEIR salvation--while mentally "back filing" the alleged fact--that he is "burning forever" their nonchristian or backslidden departed loved ones who have failed to make their "calling and election sure."
    1. What is interesting is that if you don't preach universalism, you are preaching a false Jesus.  This would mean that I was a false teacher.  It would also mean that I serve a false god.  Notice that the criteria for judging who Jesus is is not His deity/humanity, His resurrection, His atoning work, etc. Instead, it is whether or not I believe in universalism that makes me a teacher of a false Jesus or a true one.  This is so sad to see that a philosophy is raised to level of an essential doctrine.
  2. "You've touched on 2 of my themes here; one - that Eters preach and worship a different god - they preach ANOTHER gospel (of a jesus who offers a mere means of escpe from hell rather than the triumphant conqueror of ALL sin) than that which Paul and the apostles espoused. A 'new revelation' which is, according to Paul, accursed."
    1. If I remember correctly, this comment was related to the first.  Nevertheless, again a false criteria is set up to determine who is and who isn't a follower of the true God: universalism.
  3. "It seems to me that any God that would allow Billions of Billions of People to suffer forever and ever without end in eternal unspeakable pain, no matter what the reason, it seems to me that "God" is a sociopath with severe mental problems. I would urge all humans to rebel against such a 'God.'"
    1. The issue isn't whether or not eternal damnation is true.  The issue is whether or not it makes sense to this person.  Notice how he/she uses emotionally laden language to try and make a point.  This is typically done by universalists and rarely is logic ever used when discussing the issue.
    2. Of course, logic does not make doctrine, but neither does emotion.  Please consider this.  God is infinite and infinitely holy.  Anyone who sins has offended God since to sin is to break God's law.  This offense is against and infinite God, therefore the offense has an infinite consequence.  God provides the Son (God in flesh - therefore infinite in value as the sacrifice) to atone for sins.  Those who reject God's provision must righteously suffer the consequences of God's punishment.  Since God is infinite and the offense has an infinite offense (by offending an infinite God), then the punishment must be infinite - eternal damnation.
    3. I'm not saying that this is how the doctrine of eternal damnation is arrived at, but it is, after all, logical and not emotionally laden.  Besides, the Bible does indeed teach eternal damnation (Matt. 25:46).
  4. "I am a Trinitarian Universalist, I don't think you should, Stereotype ALL Universalists, Any Creator that would allow Billions upon Billions to suffer forever in hellfire is a deranged sociopath. Jonathan Edwards was a Spiritual Calvinist terrorist, he was like a Yasir Arafat, John Calvin was a Fascist, a Anti-Semite and a Murderer. In many Ways My Politics are Libertarian, America should be like the Netherlands, I agree with Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura on Many things."
    1. What an emotional condemnation of God.  Think about it.  What if, just if, the universalists are wrong; do you think you should ever even come close to calling God a "deranged sociopath"?  I mean, what if God actually does damn people forever?  Oooops.  This is what gets me about the universalists.  They are so given over to their philosophy that they risk even condemning God if He does not fit into the mold they want Him to be in.  That is dangerous and idoloatrous.
    2. This person then goes on to rant about things of which he/she apparently has little knowledge.
  5. "Matt's authoritian demeaner... His obvious bias against this message of God's infinite grace AND against those who rejoice in it and proclaim it... His hypersensitivity toward the smallest criticism... His stonewalling and repeated failure to address posts that nail his theological inconsistancies "scripture for scripture"... His arbitrary and whimsical banning of UR Christians, especially those who dare to confront his hypocricy and spiritual arrogance...Wow... These have all been a glorious expose of the hideous religious spirit that lurks within the ET belief paradigm."
    1. This person commits the error of begging the question ad hominim.  He/she assumes universalism is true and that that is how God has set things up.  Of course, I've already amply demonstrated on CARM the weaknesses of universalism.  As far as the ad hominim goes, this person attacks me instead of the message.  It is a false method of demonstrating truth and it only shows that this person is overly emotional, not to mention inaccurate in his assessment of me.
  6. "This sounds a tad bit like a personal attack.Is that the Best the Eternal Torment Crowd can offer?Maybe you all should consider slinking back to CARM.I understand Matt really digs bright boys like you who insult people who question,or do not share His personal love of Eternal Punishment.Here,we get sad when we see others insulted.On CARM,Matt will just pat you on the head and give you a lollipop."
    1. More ad hominim attacks on my character and motives, not to mention a sad misrepresentation of the facts.  Notice the sarcasm and insults.  Is this really what universalism is about?
  7. "But,i guess that all just shows what Matt really thinks of freedom of conscience and of free expression.What a sad,hate filled little man he is.I feel deeply sorry for him,and any woman unfortunate enough to be married to him.I am glad I have washed my paws of Him,and his hate filled little website forever.If anything,we all ought to feel sorry for poor Matt..he was born 300 years to late for his ideal jobs:Witch Hunting,or torturing heretics."
    1. This little gem from the tentmaker website again exemplifies, unfortunately, the hatred some universalists have for me.  The context was their complaining that I have banned the subject of universalism on CARM.  They say it is because I am afraid or full of hate or whatever the current insult is at the time.  Then they go on to talk about how great their philosophy is.  The real reason the subject is banned on CARM is that they undermine the preaching of the gospel by stating that everyone will be saved no matter what.  They claim to be Christians, yet are insulting, confuse the faith of new believers, consistently derail evangelistic conversations, undermine the gospel preaching and, of course, say things like they have here.
  8. "Satan is the accusor of the brethren...Matt is only doing what he sees his father doing. There now...Matt has a new one to put on his web site."
    1. After universalists see what they have written used against them, they often retaliate with name-calling.  Again, they preach and teach God's infinite grace and love but so rarely show it to anyone who disagrees with universalism.
  9. "Matt, Universalism is TRUE!!  See (website removed) under article NDE's are NOT  Satanic.  How do you expect JEWISH people to believe in Jesus.  Your website is Insensitive to the Jewish people.  Matt Slick is Anti-Jewish and Anti-Semitic , Matt Slick is anti-Semitic." 
    1. Here is another example of universalist "love."  I have a guestbook and this wacko repeatedly spams it with posts like this.  I remove them and he continues to do this.  He's been plaguing my guestbook for a year or two with this nonsense.  Notice the accusations and hatred.  Notice how he is insulting.  What is amazing is why so many universalists, who teach that the love of God is so great that He'll save everyone, are so full of hatred.  I suspect it is because they don't know the true God.
  10. "I want to Kill Shimon Peres, PERES is a Traitor to the Jewish people, I want to slit the throat of Shimon Peres, I want to slit Shimon Peres's throate.  Peres (who would shake Adolf Hitler's hand) just like she shook Arafat's hand.  Shimon Peres= Is the Devil,, I want to Kill Shimon Peres http://I want to kill Shimon Peres-- Peres is a TRAITOR to the Jewish People, I want to Murder and Kill , Shimon Peres, Peres killed Rabin in 1995, Peres is a TRAITOR, I want to kill Peres....Within every Gentile(Non-Jew) is a cold blooded Nazi Jew-Killer.  But the Gentiles can't help it, I don't want to Kill all Gentiles, I just want to Murder and Kill all the Anti-Semites.  Dear Jesus: Kill all the anti-semites,slit their throats, KILL THEM ALL!!"
    1. Obviously, this guy has mental problems.  He is the same one who claims to be a universalist, yet, he wants to kill people.  He has a screw loose.


There you have it, more unsolicited quotes from the universalists.  They continue to come in emails and in posts on discussion boards.  Why are they so full of hatred?  What are they afraid of?  Perhaps it is because their philosophy is more important than humility.

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