Trinity--False View

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  • BiBLE (Correct): God is a Trinity of three persons in one God and not three Gods. The persons are known as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. They are distinct persons. The person of the Father is not the same person as the Son, who is not the same person as the Holy Spirit.
  • CS: The Trinity is Life, Truth, and Love, (S&H 331:26).  Also, the traditional doctrine of the Trinity is polytheism, (S&H 256).
    • "The theory of three person in one God (that is, a personal Trinity or Tri-unity) suggest polytheism . . . " (S&H 256).
    • “Life, Truth, and Love constitute the triune Person called God,--that is, the triply divine Principle, Love. They represent a trinity in unity, three in one,--the same in essence, though multiform in office: God the Father-Mother; Christ the spiritual idea of sonship; divine Science or the Holy Comforter,” (S&H 331).
  • ISLAM: Islam says that the Trinity is Shirk, an unforgiveable sin that “associates partners” with God. It states that the Trinity is the Father, the Son, and Mary.
    • “They do blaspheme who say: God is one of three in a Trinity . . . " (Surah 5:73).
  • JW: The Jehovah's Witnesses deny the Trinity and accuse it of being unbiblical and pagan.
    • "A fundamental doctrine of so-called "Christiandom" is that known as "Holy Trinity." It is accepted as scriptural truth and held sacred by millions of persons. The doctrine, in brief, is that there are three gods in one: "God the father, God the son, and God the Holy Ghost," all three equal in power, substance. and eternity . . . The origin of the Trinity doctrine is traced back to the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians and other ancient mythologies,” (Let God be True, 2nd edition, 1952, pp. 100-101).
    • “Thus, the testimony of the Bible and of history makes clear that the Trinity was unknown throughout Biblical times and for several centuries thereafter,” (Should You Believe in the Trinity? p. 7).
    • “ . . . the trinity doctrine is of pagan origin, as historians point out. Early Christians of the first century did not believe in it. They did not worship a triune god. There is absolutely no Scriptural grounds for believing in the trinity,” (Watchtower, 2/1/1960, p. 94, Why Do You Believe in the Trinity?).
    • “The Trinity doctrine has not honored God by bringing people closer to him. Instead, it has grossly misrepresented God. Thus it is apparent that those responsible for its development had apostatized from true Christianity,” (Watchtower, 2/1/1984, The Trinity--Should you believe it?, p. 8).
    • "The Trinity doctrine has thus made it impossible for millions to worship God “with spirit and truth” and has dishonored God by denying that he alone is the Supreme Sovereign of the universe,” (Awake!, 2/22/1973, p. 28).
    • “What, then, do the facts show as to the “Trinity”? Neither the word nor the idea is in God’s Word, the Bible. The doctrine did not originate with God,” (The Truth That Leads to Eternal Life, p. 25).
    • "Never was there a more deceptive doctrine advanced than that of the trinity. It could have originated only in one mind, and that the mind of Satan the Devil," (Reconciliation, 1928, p. 101).
  • LDS: The trinity is three separate gods.
    •  “ . . . separate individuals, physically distinct from each other, is demonstrated by the accepted records of divine dealings with man," (Apostle James Talmage, Articles of Faith, p. 35).
    • “The ancient prophets knew that the Godhead consisted of three separate and distinct personages, each of whom had a definite work to perform, and yet they all worked in perfect unity as one. The three Gods constituted the Holy Trinity,” (Seventy, Milton R. Hunter, Pearl of Great Price Commentary, p. 52).
    • “The Bible, if read fully and intelligently, teaches that the Holy Trinity is composed of individual Gods,” (Apostle John A. Widtsoe, Evidences and Reconciliations, p. 58).
  • RC: Roman Catholicism holds to the orthodox teaching of the Trinity.

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