Instant/Private Messaging

by Matt Slick

I have decided to turn off the instant/Private messaging for everyone except Super Members, Paid Members, Moderators, and Administrators.instant message

First, there are legal ramifications to having instant messaging since it can be used to solicit immoral and illegal activities. CARM has a disclaimer (in the Forum Rules) to cover itself in this regard. Nevertheless, we try to monitor, within reason, the boards so that CARM can be protected.

Second, people are using the PM service to proselytize others to join non-Christian religions, abandon Christianity, and or undermine its truth.  We know this is attempted publically on the boards and that is where it needs to be so that challenges to Christianity can be answered by Christians.

Third, I've received reports of harassment occurring via the PM system.

You are free to complain about my decision to remove the IM/PM privilege on the discussion boards, but understand that my decision is final.  Asking, begging, complaining, etc., to get me to turn them back on will not work.

There are other instant messaging systems available on the Internet for your use.

I am open to turning the IM system back on, (now on but in limited numbers)but that is a decision that I would make later if circumstances change.  Please understand, this is my decision, not anyone else's. Please be aware, all users have access to visitor messages in their profile that are open to viewing.

Finally, for the IM's/PM's still in use, the CARM administrators may have access to viewing them via the Admin Control Panel.


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.