CARM Discussion Rules

You are responsible for agreeing to the rules

  1. Administrators
    1. Administrators can apply the rules as they see fit and may "bend" them in order to accomplish CARM's general goals. The administration may be dealing with attacks from certain groups/parties seeking to disrupt the ministry forums/chat where users are not aware of all involved behind the scenes, meaning the admins are handling the disruptions in such a manner as the admin determines necessary to correct/defuse the situation. Users documented to attacking CARM or forum members on other websites/message boards/facebook groups will be removed from CARM as trouble makers.
  2. Moderators/Managers/Admin
    1. Moderators, Managers, and Administrators may ban someone if they even suspect that the person is trying to cause trouble in any way. No explanations are needed. If you don't like it, then do not register.
    2. Any legal threats to CARM or the CARM users will result in immediate banning of all parties involved.
    3. No arguing, commenting, discussion or questioning the Moderators/Admins/Managers or their actions on the forums/PM/visitor message/chat/email/alert system, concerning moderation, violations, deletions. Infractions/warnings may result in immediate suspension. For any questions, comments about forums, or posters for mods/managers/admins, you must email [email protected]. Comments or questions on alerts/infractions, management or moderating of forums are to be sent in email to [email protected] We do not respond to every email but will consider the appeal that will be noted if reverse of the infraction on the forum. Any use of foul language in VM, PM, or forums will result in immediate suspension.
    4. Moderators/Managers/Admin and Volunteers:
      1. Moderators/Managers and Volunteers are here on a purely voluntary basis and receive no compensation for their contributions on moderating. The only function of the moderators is to enforce the rules of the boards to ensure that violations are dealt with quickly and efficiently.
      2. Moderators may also deliver new messages regarding rules or functionality changes on the board.
      3. Please recognize that moderators/manager/admin or volunteers do not speak officially on behalf of CARM when they express any religious, political, or social view. The views stated by any moderator/manager/admin on any subject other than the logistics or rules of the boards are purely their opinions and do not represent CARM. When CARM states its official organizational position on any issue, it will be posted on the website rather than through the use of the message boards.
      4. Moderators/managers/admin reserve the right to address or correct any poster on our boards/chat that has violated the rules in such a manner as the moderator determines necessary to defuse the situation and/or in explanation of the rules violated.
      5. Moderators reserve the right to delete ALL the posts of a person if that person's post(s) break any of the above rules.
      6. Moderators/Admins/Managers may use the reputation system in order to discipline posters violating the rules. Be aware that you will receive a deduction of rep points for infractions or warnings.
      7. Participants are not permitted to discuss, comment, question, badger our moderators/managers/admin on the forums/chat or in PM, visitor messages, alerts, email, or on other websites concerning moderator application of warnings or infractions. You may not discuss forum moderation/management with moderators/managers. If you have a question concerning any violation, email [email protected]. Any foul language used either in PM or on the forums will result in immediate suspension.
  3. Rule Changes:
    1. Matt Slick and Diane S. or CARM administrators reserve the right to alter the board rules at any time necessary to administrating the forums and maintaining peace on the discussion boards. Admins and management do have responsibility to dealing with management issues and may have reason to use different rules than the forum guests.
  4. All posts may be freely used by CARM
    1. Please be advised that your posts/threads may be used on a "Best of CARM" website. Posting on the forums is considered permission to use your posts in other areas of CARM. If you don't like the rules, please don't post here. You are responsible for abiding by these rules.
  5. Grievances:
    1. Should you have a comment, question, grievance or complaint with the CARM administration or moderation rules, do not post the grievance or complaints, comments, questions on the forum/chat, or visitor messages, private messages, alerts, or you will receive a Grievance violation and possible immediate suspension. Questions or comments on how we approach the daily problems faced on our forums, chat, our purpose, values, supervision, decisions, rules and management of the website should be directed to CARM via email at [email protected]. We will not accept any arguments, comments, questions about the administration, moderation, rules, or application of the rules on the forums. You may email a Grievance. It will be considered, but we do not respond to every email or complaint. Questions are answered in the rules, if your infraction not reversed on the forum account, the appeal was rejected. Sending to CARMstuff and contacting Matt/office with forum questions also considered a violation of grievance procedure. If you have questions concerning the CARM positions, policies of the Home Page website and written articles only then direct questions to [email protected].
      1. Do not argue with the moderators/managers/admin in their enforcement of rules on the forums/profile messages, PM, alerts, or email.
      2. Should you have a complaint, comment, or question concerning the forums or concerning any of the moderators or managers, then please email Diane S. at [email protected].
      3. Note: Many offering a complaint concerning moderation of the forums have not read the rules or do not realize that the moderators are trained to enforce the rules and that our moderators do document and discuss rule violations with the administration, managers, and other moderators for their review on a private forum. Please first read all the rules again. Should you still have a question or comment regarding the rules, you may not question the moderators. Contact Diane at [email protected] with an appeal. The CARM administrator in discussion with the managers and moderator involved will consider the appeal.  If it is not reversed on your forum account within the week, consider the appeal not valid or rejected.
  6. PG" rated discussion
    1. These are "PG" rated boards. That which deviates from the "PG" rating will be removed. Posters who break this rating may lose posting privileges. What is "PG" rated? The moderators will decide. We are "PG" rated in language but please be aware that it may require parental guidance to some of the topics and discussions on our various boards.
  7. Accounts:
    1. One sign up account per person. Family members/students/friends using same IP must contact Diane before using two accounts or second/third account will be banned. Email at [email protected] 
  8. Advertising: (Self-Promotion)
    1. You will not post any messages anywhere on the discussion boards or CARM message systems that are soliciting of outside personal contact, no self-promotion or advertising of any sort, no naming or linking to any websites, books, videos, other discussion boards, blogs, FB pages, email address, business, MLM (Multi Level Marketing or pyramid schemes), activity, church, ministry, prophetic services, youtube videos or any other entities or services that you have an affiliation with (i.e., no self-promotion). Church groups may be given special permission from the administration to post a temporary link. Those joining as a Super Member to posting a single link in signature permitted per rules written for Super Members. A poster may note a required number of posts on CARM before they are permitted to link at all to any other website and as pertaining to discussion quotes only to official religious websites. There may only be two urls permitted per thread and again only if pertaining to the discussion topic as a reference to quotes. Moderators will remove links appearing for promotion or any advertisement. Links that are not PG in rating as references in discussion will be removed and may result in warning or suspension.
  9. Age:
    1. You will not post or use any part of the discussion boards if you are 12 years old or younger in compliance with US law (known as COPPA law) until we have received written approval from your parents.
  10. Alert System:
    1. Please use the alert system to report any rule violations or personal attacks, which is a small, black triangle to the bottom of each post. You should include the number or list the actual rule violation, or mods may not address the alert.
    2. Moderators/admins answer alerts as promptly as possible. Please allow 24 hours--longer on Holidays or weekend.
    3. Due to abuse by some users of the alert system, you may send only 2 alerts per day per forum.
    4. Those found to be abusing the alert system (being overly sensitive, not citing actual violation of rules) will receive infractions.
    5. Contact Diane at [email protected] with problems or questions if need be. Always send user name with questions.
  11. Archiving:
    1. Should your post be deleted or edited, you are still responsible for archiving your own posts. Please be aware that we do prune off old threads every few months. If your posts are lost during a deletion session due to standard deletion, by date, board failure, rule-breaking or necessary maintenance upgrades and/or fixes, CARM is not responsible for preserving your posts. It is your responsibility to archive and repost if and when necessary, edit to add you may only repost/quote your own posts, not those of other posters that have been deleted.
  12. Attacking people:
    1. No name-calling, insults, or mockery of a board poster that would include no mockery of their user names, or changing of user names in abbreviation or spelling. It may be considered divisive, if a name not posted by the user themselves, do not use other names to refer to the poster. No negative comments of any sort concerning any board poster. Rule applies only to current forum posters/chatters--does not apply to those not posting/chatting on our forums.
    2. Do not discuss a board poster on the forums/visitor messages/chat. Do not comment using their user name and most important no disrespectful comments of or about our Lord.
    3. Do not post any message that harass, insult, belittle, threatens, or flames another guest personally. Using other websites/forums/chat to attack/insult CARM users if documented to admin may result in immediate Suspension to all parties involved to bullying and gossip of any CARM user.
    4. Do not discuss a forum poster on the discussion boards/messages/chat and do not attempt to moderate or correct behaviors of a forum poster. Stick to the topic of discussion.
    5. Send alerts to moderators if noted rule violations.
    6. You may discuss or disagree with another member's belief system/group per the topic of the forum, but there will be no personal attacks on the member himself or herself.
    7. No negative comments of any sort concerning a board user. Do not quote or misquote a poster in signature or body of message unless linked to full context of quote (must link to current active/visible threads and quotes, meaning if post or thread no longer on forums but has been removed or dead link, cannot be used) as copyright issue since only Super Members may link in signature. Quoting of users in signatures is not permitted for the average poster. Feel free to quote posters in body of messages to an active thread as usual to using quote feature responses with context. Do not misquote user and do not discuss or gossip about a forum poster and do not quote to dead posts/threads, (meaning posts no longer visible on forums.) Again, if you begin a new thread with the quote of a poster and user name, you must link to the original quote in context if using their name in quotes. (Also do not discuss the poster personally in using quote in new thread but comment on the topic only.) Do not use vulgarity, which includes abbreviations of vulgar terms, offensive nicknames, attack, or insult a poster with nicknames. If you alert mods to a misquote, you must link to the original quote for alert to be considered.
    8. The numerous accusations of "you are lying," or "you are a liar," or "that is a lie," will stop and no longer be permitted on our forums to accuse posters of a "lie" but by management posters only with documented evidence from admin. Proof that someone has purposely "lied" involves knowing the "motives" or "intent" of the poster to "bearing false witness." Since the majority of posters do believe what they are posting to be true in their "opinion"--even if readers believe the information "false"--it involves too much time in moderator, reading, examining all the threads, evidence. The posters are not to use the "lie" comments to a poster. State your opinions of why you disagree with the poster leaving out the "lie" or "liar" accusations or receive infractions/suspensions for "personal attacks."
  13. Avatars
    1. Do not use an avatar deceptively. For example, if you're an atheist, you cannot use an avatar that says Christian, or Charismatic, or Evangelical since it would not be truthful. Use avatars that are the closest to your position.
    2. If you are a Jehovah's Witness, use the Jehovah's Witness avatar. If you are a Mormon (LDS), use the Mormon (LDS) avatar, etc.
    3. CARM does not consider JW's or Mormons (and other "cults") to be Christians so using the Christian avatar for them would be inappropriate.
  14. Banned Topics:
    1. Universalism and Satanism.
  15. Banning and Suspension
    1. If you're banned/suspended, stay away. Do not re-sign up under a different name until your banning period is finished or both accounts will be removed.
    2. Suspensions
      1. Suspensions will occur upon receiving 20 infraction points in 30 days--each infraction worth 5 points. (changed point amount 10-28-13). Moderators may give a general warning that does not result in points for a minor offense. You will receive at least one official warning of 0 points, a total of 20 points will result in suspension for 3-7 days depending on severity of infractions and additional infractions will result in 7-30-day suspensions.
      2. If you are suspended/banned, stay away and do not reregister under another name or email address in order to continue posting. Doing so will result in immediate banning. Likewise, you will not use the username and password of anyone else. Should someone else be using your computer or IP address to sign on for another account, you are still considered responsible for what is posted by that person.
        1. Three-day suspension: Moderators reserve the right to hand out an immediate 3-day suspension if a poster is spamming, disruptive to the boards, or arguing and commenting on a moderator's attempt to enforce the rules. The CARM moderators do document and discuss each and every rule violation with other moderators and are supervised in their enforcement of the rules on the CARM forums.
        2. Moderators will hand out infractions for rule violations. The first warning is O points. The first infraction is considered a warning of 5 points. The remainder infractions will result in suspensions if occurring within 30 days and total infraction points of 20 or greater. Poster arguing with moderator on forums concerning rules receive 10 points or may receive immediate suspension.
        3. Numerous suspensions or serious offenses to disruption of the discussion forums will result in longer suspensions or permanent banning.
  16. Board Shut Downs:
    1. Should the administration continue with difficulties on a specific board and/or if moderators are not immediately available to deal with numerous violations, then the board may be shut down for several days as a method to calm the situation.
  17. Caps:
    1. Please do not post your whole message (or the majority of it) in all caps. This is equivalent to yelling.
      1. Note: When you post a message and there is nothing in the message box but only the comment as the title of the post, why don't you put "nt" (no text) at the end of your "title post" so that people know there is nothing further in your response and don't waste time clicking on your comment and trying to load "nothing" in the threaded mode of viewing?
  18. CARM's Name:
    1. Because CARM is so large and because there are thousands of people who post on the discussion boards, different people have asked about using the CARM name in room titles of various discussion forums, award sites, picture sites, etc., that are not authored by CARM. Since there are so many different people with differing ideas, using the CARM name, therefore, takes on a potential representative aspect. Therefore, please use these guidelines for usage of the CARM name.
      1. State clearly that the room/website, etc., does not officially represent CARM and that the opinions expressed are those of the authors of the room/website and not of CARM.
      2. When having dialogues, simply be polite and respectful.
      3. Let us know that you are referencing the CARM name, where, when, etc., so we may check it out.
      4. Please be aware of at least one blogger using mock CARM email names and the parties involved are not representing CARM ministry.
  19. Censorship:
    1. Please feel free to agree or disagree without fear of censorship or ridicule. CARM does not stand for censorship but will enforce requirements of decency per the board rules. You are, of course, free to discourse within the limits of the rules.
  20. Chatroom:
    1. These are the rules for using the CARM discussion boards and chatroom where rules apply. By registering, you are demonstrating that you have read and agree with these rules. By far, most people will have no trouble with them. But, if you do not like them, you are free to find another discussion forum elsewhere on the Internet.
  21. Cut and Paste: Do not cut & paste large amounts of material.
    1. What is "large/" Not very much. Have a dialogue with people--not cut and paste dialogues. (Posters permitted unlimited pasting of CARM papers and articles). Posters also permitted unlimited pasting of Scripture.
  22. Divisiveness:
    1. Don't waste the time of the board participants by intentionally being divisive. A moderator will determine what is or is not considered divisive. There are some who come to the boards only to cause dissension and confusion. Should the moderators determine that someone is doing this, "trolling," he/she will be suspended/ banned immediately without warning and may or may not be permitted to return to the boards.
  23. English only
    1. This is an English only forum.
      1. Very small statements in other languages are permitted if "G" rated and translated.
  24. Evangelism:
    1. Users that attempt to interfere with Christian evangelism, arguing with Christians or Evangelical beliefs on Secular/Cult/Religion forums will be suspended or directed to appropriate board. Please stick to the topic of the forum. Posters seeking to debate Evangelical Christians should take their discussions or questions to the appropriate forum, apologetics/general theology, etc. Atheists/Agnostics/Secularists or those continuing to debate Evangelical beliefs on the inappropriate forums will be assigned to the ATH/AGN/Secular forums as a Secular Member or given infractions/suspension.
  25. Freedom of Speech:
    1. Your freedom of speech here comes with the responsibility to speak decently within the parameters of the rules.
    2. In other words, by registering you are agreeing not to be vulgar, divisive, insulting, profane, etc., (read all the rules). It helps to try to treat others as you want to be treated. And just as you want people to treat you, treat them in the same way," (Luke 6:31).
    3. You have NO unspoken right to speak in a perverted, offensive, profane, foul, or blasphemous manner. This is a Christian website, and you may not post words in mockery of Christian beliefs or terms offensive in descriptions of our Lord God. You may certainly challenge Christian teaching but do so respectfully.
    4. Includes all the Secular Forums--politics as well. The majority of Evangelical Christians are attempting to reach posters through the social political issues as well, such as homosexuality, abortions. Be aware, referring to conservatives/Christians with the "racist," "homophobic,"or "bigot" comments or any insults for their political positions related to their Christian beliefs will result in infraction points and suspensions. This is a Christian website. If you want to promote liberal propaganda, take it elsewhere. Christians on the forums permitted their free ideas and opinions on social issues and will not have to tolerate insults or divisive comments from the more liberal posters. Homosexuality/Lesbian topics are restricted to the Secular forums.
    5. There are many diverse opinions expressed on the CARM boards. But, CARM is not responsible for the opinions posted by anyone on the CARM discussion boards.
  26. Images:
    1. Only posted by Super Members on forum,"G" rated. Inappropriate images and/or avatars will result in being banned. (Super Members should not spam a single thread with many images). Moderators will delete any abuses. All users permitted to post CARM youtube videos for teaching/discussion purposes. Users may link to videos "G" rated.
    2. Album pages must contain only "G" rated images.
    3. Trying to push the envelope in this issue will result in posts deleted if inappropriate images.
    4. What is inappropriate is up to the moderators' discretion. Again, if you don't like it, don't sign up.
  27. Impersonate:
    1. Do not impersonate anyone--or try to.
  28. Instant/visitor Messaging system
    1. Do not use for advertising your website or other websites or to send personal email information--unless permission to do so is received from an administrator. Visitor messages may be viewed by all users till made private for friends selected by user in UserCP. Appeals to the consistency or inconsistency of such permissions will be ignored. If you want to communicate with someone regarding other websites, use your personal email. Administrators may have the potential of viewing a sample of instant messages between registrants.
  29. Links:
    1. No links permitted in the chatroom but to CARM articles or forum discussions. Must ask mod permission to post links in chatroom.
    2. Forums, do not post links to offensive material--porno, or websites, no blogs for self-promotion, no blogs, (with discussion content no FB pages or articles with comments/discussion), no discussion forums, or forums, no websites that are discussing the CARM board participants by user name in a negative manner, etc. Do not post links to graphic pictures. You may post a link only if it is pertaining to the topic as a reference to quotes in the topic discussed but not for advertisement or promotional purposes. You can only make two links to other websites per discussion thread--again no self-promotion of blog, no blogs/articles/links (with discussion content), no discussion forums, (no anti-Christian links), no attacks on board posters, no promoting of sin or attacks on Christianity and Bible) may link only to official religion websites and that includes signature/profile links. Super members may link to their "G" rated businesses but not to unofficial religious websites or anti-Christian websites. Links to LDS, RCC, JW are permitted if they are links to their official websites only. Users may post unlimited number of links/pastes to CARM papers or links to CARM forum posts for reference. Super Members should see rules concerning signatures link that may not be permitted or send questions to [email protected].
      1. Linking is permitted only for quotes in your discussions as a reference, name, author, or website rather then links. Users that answer threads only with links or abusing links to more then two in a thread discussion will be considered as spamming. Moderators will delete links and offer infractions to those abusing link rules. This does not apply to CARM Links: Users may post unlimited number of links to CARM papers or CARM forum posts for reference with or without other text written. Super Members should see rules concerning signatures link.
      2. Posts titles and thread subjects are not to be just links.
      3. Post titles or the original post in a thread are not to be links that are an advertisement or promotion of website unrelated to topic. The forums are for discussion, not as a referral service to papers from other websites or blogs.
      4. Youtube links, two per thread, now permitted if topic appropriate, no "anti-christian" videos and must be used to generate discussions of the video. Spamming forums with youtubes videos will not be permitted. Answering youtube topic of thread to more youtubes as answers also not permitted.
  30. New Members:
    1. New members signing on to the forums may have all posts moderated till approved by the administration for membership.
  31. No Jerks Allowed
    1. Administrators define who and what jerks are in private.
    2. Jerks are kicked and/or banned.
  32. Plagiarism:
    1. Do not plagiarize: Do not quote material and claim it is yours if it is not. You must source any copy and paste to the forums as a copyright issue, list the author or website name. It is not necessary to link directly if naming website/author.
  33. Privacy:
    1. Instant Messages, including posts on our private boards, and e-mails which are exchanged privately among users are not to be posted on the forums without consent of the other party. Do not post email addresses, private information on forums, visitor messages or IM's.
    2. Please be advised that CARM administration may at times have the ability to review a small sample of IM's for security purposes. Visitor messages are public as default.
    3. If taking leave of the boards, please use VM or email to announce departure to friends. It is permissible to post a brief farewell on the ANN board, but we will delete all posts or VM messages that are concerned with slamming CARM boards or our posters while leaving. Those suspended and/or banned will not be permitted to post such farewell messages on our boards.
  34. Proxy Posting:
    1. Do not post material on behalf of someone who has been banned/suspended. If you know of someone who has been suspended/banned and know that the person is posting under a different name and if this is found out, you may be subject to also being banned if you don't let a moderator know.
  35. Signatures:
    1. Posters may advertise their website only in their board member profile, not in their signature. Your signature on the boards may not exceed 6-8 lines (or what is permitted by user group membership, software will limit number of words automatically) and may not be used for advertisement of websites or for posting links to other websites and discussion forums. Only CARM Super Members, moderators, administrators may advertise or link websites in their signature as a privilege to their services or support to CARM discussion forums. No inappropriate content/no attacking or insulting members in signatures. No quotes of posters in signatures but Super Members may post links in signatures or links to quotes of posters.
  36. Spamming:
    1. Spamming in any form using the CARM instant message programs is also prohibited, including promotion, invitations to websites, advertisements of any sort. Posting the same post/response more than once on forums is considered spamming. The Administration has the ability to view sampling of IM messages for security purposes. Any poster attempting to spam the CARM posters pm's or emails will be immediately suspended from the CARM forums when reports received.
      1. The boards are for discussion, not for promotion. In other words, you may post an opinion and even promote an idea that is contrary to Scripture but continued ignoring of responses (avoiding discussion of a position you promote) will result in the post being deleted and/or posting privileges being revoked. A poster certainly need not respond to every question in discussion but must show interest in discussion with responses to their topics or papers posted and be active in response to discussions they have initiated. Again, you may not spam the forums with papers in refusing to participate in activity and discussion, and you may not post the same post more than once on the forums. Remember, these are "discussion" boards, not "promotion" boards.
    1. Spamming advertisements. Soliciting or same post on several boards will result in immediate banning with all posts removed.
      1. No spamming of peoples' emails or instant messages/visitor messages. If you are suspended, you may not use the IM system but to contact moderators/admins till suspension ended.
  37. Super Members:
    1. Only Super Members/Administration can start polls, post images, start blogs/social groups and advertise their website in signature (no discussion boards/blogs/unoffical religious websites).
    2. Super Members may not post images or advertise for other members.
    3. Super Members may only post two links.
    4. Super Members may post two images per thread.
  38. Threads:
    1. You can only start up to two new threads per board, per day. This does not apply to CARM Moderators, Super Members, or Administrators. Violation of this rule can get your posts deleted and your account suspended for a time. Super members may post three per forum per day.
  39. Topics:
    1. Stick to the subject and topic of the respective board.
    2. Don't post the same topic on the same board over and over and do not post a topic on more than one board unless given permission by an administrator. Please post only two topics per board per day to be courteous to other board posters and their topics.
  40. Usernames: You may pick any username you desire, but . . . 
    1. You may not register a nickname which is a mockery of God/Christ or if it uses the Lord's name in vain or if it is deemed offensive by the moderators. You may not use name as mod, moderator, admin.
    2. You may register only under one username, not multiple ones. Moderators are excluded from this rule for moderator accounts. Moderators can determine who is who by looking at IP addresses that only they can see. If moderators find the exact same IP address on different accounts, each account will be deactivated--whether or not someone else used your computer is still considered your responsibility. Families/friends/students using the forums should inform Diane S in email of different user names prior to posting, or accounts will be deleted as rule violations.
  41. Vocabulary:
    1. No vulgarities, obscenities, profanity, swearing or blasphemous terms.
    2. The filter will block certain words. If a word is blocked in your posting, please edit to include a more appropriate word. Posting spaces or characters that leave the impression or meaning of profanity or word blocked are still considered a rule violation.