Answers to questions

by Matt Slick

  1. Why was the Instant Messages feature removed for general users?
    1. Due to repeated misuse of the instant message system, the feature has been terminated.
      1. Some people have received threats via the IMs.
      2. Others have been using it to undermine CARM by speaking ill of CARM and attempting to motivate others to move against CARM.
      3. In addition, there are there have been reports of the IMs being used to hinder the preaching and defense of the Gospel.
      4. Finally, the purpose of the boards is to have public discussion. The IM's were being used to circumvent that purpose.
    2. We are aware of that there have been benefits to the instant message system and that some people have been using it properly. Nevertheless, we cannot police all of it so it is turned off.
    3. Please note that the administrators have the ability to view instant messages in the admin pane should they desire to see them.
  2. Why allow the instant messages for super members?
    1. In order to become a super member, a payment needs to be made. This payment can be traced and if there are any further threats, the appropriate authorities can be notified and actions taken based upon those payments' necessary information.
    2. Misuse of the IM system by super members will have their membership forfeited with no refunds.
  3. Why does the reputation system not have comment ability any longer?
    1. People were using the reputation system in place of the instant message feature since it has been turned off. Therefore, it was removed as well.
  4. Why is the search engine disabled?
    1. The discussion boards have been experiencing periodic crashes and I determined that the search engine was probably at fault. I've turned off that feature while I research a workaround.

About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.