ghclark from paltalk and Matt Slick dialogue

by Matt Slick

This dialogue occured in a private room on between ghclark and myself on 10/30/2011.  He gave me permisison to go public with it.  It is here only for documentation purposes.  (back to paltalk critics)

Matt Slick: May I ask you why you say I am a liar?  I'd like to know.
ghclark: Matt I don't have time to cover this ground with you yet again
Matt Slick: I honestly don't remember the issue.
ghclark: I am trying to live in peace without you around
ghclark: that is all
Matt Slick: but you publically accuse me of being a liar, that is a serious thing.  I'd like to know... i'll write it down this time so I can remember.
ghclark: I don't hate you not do I wish you harm
ghclark: I just have no use for you
ghclark: at all
ghclark: Matt you are a liar
ghclark: you falsely claim to be what you are not
Matt Slick: okay... so you are accusing me of sin.  May I please know what exact lie you are accusing me of?
ghclark: you don't fool me guy
Matt Slick: what am I claiming to be that is not true?
ghclark: Really Matt
Matt Slick: yes, really.  I apologize for not remembering.
Matt Slick: You're a christian, right?  
Matt Slick: ok, here are my notes, so far
Matt Slick: I believe that ghclark is a Christian.  He has something against me, though I don't know what it is.  He has called me a liar publically.  When I ask him what lie I am guilty of, he won't tell me.  He also says that I falsely claim to be what I am not.  When I ask him what i falsely claim to be, he doesn't answer.
ghclark: matt don't forget to add that I have given more time than you ever deserved from anyone
ghclark: you are such a scoundrel
Matt Slick: sir, i honestly don't remember what you have against me.
ghclark: use my words
Matt Slick: so, it is okay to publically use what you're saying about me?
ghclark: don't forget to add the honesty of what I have said
ghclark: yes
Matt Slick: ok... thanks...
ghclark: say that I have spent hours with you
ghclark: and you are a liar
ghclark: and a wolf
Matt Slick: dude, i don't rmeember, i talk to a lot of people.
ghclark: and you know that you are
Matt Slick: so, you publically accuse a minister of the gospel of being a liar, yet you won't declare what I am lying about?
ghclark: you are a minister of nothing
ghclark: I am accusing a wolf of being a wolf
ghclark: and you will meet your Christ
ghclark: and to Him you will answer
ghclark: so repent
Matt Slick: repent of what????
ghclark: that is what I am accusing you of not doing
ghclark: pride and lies Matt
Matt Slick: I repent of pride regularly and fail in that area.  
Matt Slick: But what lies are you accusing me of?
ghclark: Matt wolves come in the cloak of Christ
ghclark: to destroy the sheep
ghclark: you are not what you claim to be
ghclark: namely
ghclark: a teacher of Scripture
ghclark: that is how you lie Matt
ghclark: by false representation
Matt Slick: okay...and exactly what is it that I am teaching that is false????????
Matt Slick: are you going to answer?
Matt Slick: are you there?
ghclark: Matt you can leave now
ghclark: I am finished with you
Matt Slick:    look for your name
ghclark: believe it or not there are more important things than feeding wolves
Matt Slick: gh, seriously.... you're sinning... i'm concerned for you pastorally
ghclark: yes matt you are truly a wolf showing your teeth be glad that I am not like you
Matt Slick: you accuse and don't back it up
Matt Slick: you are an accuser... i'm concerned for you
Matt Slick: gh, please do NOT be like me.  be like Jesus
ghclark: Matt you can only accuse the guiltless
ghclark: you are a fraud
ghclark: that is plain and simple
Matt Slick: gh, well.... you do make a lot of accusations without backing it up... what does that make you?
Matt Slick: Rom. 2:1   take a look at it.
ghclark: tired of you
ghclark: matt I have nothing against any brother of mine and I do not accuse any saint
ghclark: this is not about personalities
ghclark: there are many men who I disagree with and peacefully because they are honest
ghclark: you are not
ghclark: so you want me to show you your dishonesty
ghclark: when nobody knows the extent of it better than you?
Matt Slick: dude... seriously, i have no idea what you're talking about.
ghclark: let me look at Romans 2:1
Matt Slick: perhaps you might want to actually start saying what it is... instead of just accusing
ghclark: ok Matt thank you for the diversion to Romans that is always very good
ghclark: now if you were real you would know what it says
Matt Slick: gh, so, specifically, tell me exactly what LIE i am teaching
Matt Slick: you're accusing me falsely, what does that make you guilty of?
Matt Slick: who accuses people falsely without proof?
ghclark: I have no authority to judge in regards to giving a sentence
ghclark: you have not been judged by me
ghclark: in fact you will see that I said that you will be judged by Christ
ghclark: even as Romans 2:1 says
ghclark: He has the authority
Matt Slick: well... you have accused a minister of sin publically.  You've refused to demonstrate your accusation.  You've refused to show the accusation to be true.  You've got no 2nd witness to validate it.  I've politely and repeatedly asked you to be specific and you've refused.  So, I will conclude that according to scripture, you are in rebellion and sin.
ghclark: Well Matt that is your little false game you play
Matt Slick: it is not a game.
Matt Slick: it is you who is playing with truth and making unsubstantiated accusations
ghclark: and when you tell people what i have said i fully expect you to lie
Matt Slick: i can only conclude that you are in rebellion against God's word
ghclark: because that is what you do
Matt Slick: and continue to accuse falsely
ghclark: conclude what you will matt what difference does it make to me
ghclark: have fun with you usual smear campaign but you'll still be a liar when you are finished even more so
Matt Slick:
ghclark: Sorry Matt I really have had enough of your lies Matt. I don't live in your cyber deception I am real.


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