Glenn Kelley

Glenn Kelley, aka the ChurchMedic, believes there is nothing more important than being an Evangelist - second to your own relationship with the True Living God:  The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

One of the most important questions Christians can ask themselves is, "What is it about your relationship with Jesus Christ that people cannot do without?"

Glenn Kelley operates the ministry, a Not-for-Profit Hosting organization he founded after working years with Christian Technology Ministries Intl. and The Web Empowered Church project as well as being the founding member of Connectivity.Engineer and - a Web Development Agency

Glenn Kelley planted Unboxed Church, a church plant in Camden City NJ.  However, due to health reasons Glenn had to move and as a result, passed the ministry on to others.  However he continues to be influential in ministry on a daily basis across North America.

Through Glenn's continued work with PasturePress and various church ministries have become Web Empowered as well as over 1000 other churches and ministries, including remote desktop and telecom solutions for Missionaries around the world. 

Glenn Kelley leads a team who operate the Datacenter & Web Server Farm which broadcasts 24x7 to Every Continent in the world proclaiming the Gospel message.   

Glenn has been married to Kathleen (Kathie) for 19+ years and they have 6 children:  Kerianna Elizabeth, Benjamin Fred-Allen, Eileen Patricia,  Amelia Reily, Hannah Grace and Noah Charles Arthur.

Glenn loves spending his free time with his family working on his small ranch.  He also enjoys playing the Bag Pipes, organ and Piano.

If your ministry needs assistance with Web Hosting, Development, or just some advice regarding the IT world, please do not hesitate to contact Glenn.  






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