CARM needs researchers. We are looking for people who would be willing to do the research necessary to produce articles. For example, CARM might be researching a specific preacher-let's call him Rev. E.R. Tickler. The researcher's job would be to . . . 

  1. Research in that person's books, articles, videos, audios, etc., looking for something that is problematic.
  2. Documenting what is found . . . For example (to continue with our fictional heretic)
    1., 3:02 (that is 3 minutes, 2 seconds), "We don't need the Bible for spiritual truth."  
    2. E. R. Tickler, Is the Bible the Word of God (book), Stupidity Publishers, Lameville, NY., 1995, p. 25, "The Bible is mostly inspired by has lots of problems."
    3. E. R. Tickler, (Audio file found at, 4:12, "The Bible is full of contradictions."

With the documentation, I will then be able to verify the quotes and check the context before I would ever do any writing. 

If you need help with the costs of obtaining books, let us know. I would interview you, make sure that you know what you're doing, purchase material, and have it sent to you. When you're done, you would then return the books to CARM so that I can verify what you found.

If you like, you could be listed in the researchers page of CARM.


You will need to know Christian theology pretty well.
You will need to agree with the CARM statement of faith.

If you're interested, pray first, know that this is a spiritual battle and that you need to be prepared for it. Then, if you still want to help, please proceed to our researcher interest form.