Hindus, please read this first

Edited by Luke Wayne

Thank you for reading this section on CARM exploring Hinduism. The intention of these articles is not to offend or harm you as a Hindu in any way. I have spent many hours analyzing the various aspects of the Hindu religion and must say that Hinduism is certainly a diverse set of beliefs and practices. Many Hindus are hard working, honest people who desire to love their families and show devotion the gods or goddesses as they see fit. I sincerely respect their commitment to follow their religious beliefs, cultures, and practices.

I realize that many Hindus will not agree with all of the statements of this website; however, we have done our best to portray this extremely diverse religion accurately. In fact, many religious scholars do not believe that Hinduism is one religion, but rather a conglomeration of many distinct religions. Due to this extreme diversity, I want to respectfully exercise caution in making assertions like "Hindus believe this," or "Hindus teach that." I recognize that some Hindus may believe or practice such and such, but others may not.

Furthermore, I realize that Hindus would not necessarily describe their faith in terms of "belief." They may prefer to use words such as practices, rituals, traditions, etc. I want to compassionately be aware of these differences in our exploration of Hinduism.

The reason we have this section on CARM is to answer the primary questions raised by many Hindus and to lovingly point them to the certainty of salvation found only in Jesus Christ. Jesus' teachings are not synonymous with western norms. Jesus was not a European, nor was He an Indian, of course. He is ethnically Jewish, but His message and redemptive work extend far beyond the ancient middle east. He is the one and only Savior for all men. Christianity did not begin in the West, and it is not a religion of Europe or America. It is a global religion for all peoples. If you are a Hindu, please know that we welcome your input and feedback on any of the articles that we have written. If we have made any inaccuracies in our articles, please let us know. We want to present the facts accurately. May God richly bless you with the Truth found in Jesus Christ!