Christians chased out of the Castro District, San Francisco, on Nov. 14, 2008

by Matt Slick

castro districtOn November 14, 2008, a mob of homosexuals chased some Christians out of the Castro district in San Francisco.  The Christians were not being rude, nor were they shouting obscenities.  Instead, they were trying to share the love of God with the people in the Castro District.  But, the homosexual community didn't like that.  They needed to be protected by the police as they were chased out of the area.  Bill O'Reily interviewed a Christian woman who was physically attacked. She said that she and her group were not stopping people, nor were they trying to be rude or condemning.  She said their mission was "to share the love of God and to minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ," and " . . . we are not trying to convert gay people into straight people."  They were only standing and singing Amazing Grace.  She said they did not go down to instigate conversations or to open-air preach because they were trying to be sensitive since the proposed gay marriage bill had not passed in California.  A man walked up to her group and picked up a Bible that was next to her.  She asked him to give the Bible back.  He refused, then hit her in the head with the Bible which knocked her to the ground.  He then started to kick her legs.  The police took him into custody, but he was not arrested.  She did not want to press charges, and she told the police to tell him that she forgave him.  The assailant was escorted out of the area. 

If you watch the video, you can see the extreme intolerance and hatred of the homosexuals.  The police had to protect the Christians from the homosexual crowd.  I extracted some of the hate speech from the video.

  • "Shame on you" chanted repeatedly
  • "We're going to follow them all the way home"
  • "And we don't ever want them coming back.  Ever.  Do you understand all the Christians?  Do you understand all of the Mormons.  I'm talking to you people.  Ya you.  Stay out of our neighborhood.  If you don't like it . . . leave us alone."  (1:55-2:10)
  • "Go home"
  • "Don't come back"
  • Lots of foul language

Why would the Christians need police protection from a group of people who only want to love each other and who promote equal rights and tolerance?  You would think that such a group would not physically assault a young woman, use foul language, and threaten to follow Christians home.  Is this really the tolerance they profess, or is it a profound example of hypocrisy?  Obviously the latter.

The fact that these types of events are rarely covered by the news media, except occasional conservative commentaries, only shows that the liberal left is in control of the great majority of TV news programs.  After all, if it had been the reverse where a bunch of Christians were yelling and threatening homosexuals, it would've been all over front page news.  However, fairness in reporting is not something we expect from the media.



About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.