What benefit does homosexuality provide in society?

Does the lifestyle of homosexuality benefit society?  Now, I'm not talking about how homosexuals can attain their sexual jollies and make themselves feel good. I'm talking about the benefits to society as a whole.  How would the proponents of homosexuality answer the question? Well, to find out. I asked this question on the CARM forums and received many interesting replies. I cited several of them and provided responses.

1.  "Why does homosexuality have to benefit society? How does red hair benefit society? Or white skin?"

Homosexuality is a lifestyle, a behavior. Lifestyles and behaviors can have beneficial or harmful effects on one's self and others. We know this is true because the homosexual community has a high degree of diseases such as AIDS which affects their own health and even the help of others, i.e., contaminated transfusions, etc. Likewise, the great cost of fighting AIDS is a drain on society. Would anyone say this a benefit?  I wouldn't.  But, to say that homosexuality is essentially the same as red hair or white skin is mistake. Homosexuality, as I said, is a lifestyle and behavior. Red hair and white skin are neither lifestyles nor behaviors, so comparing them is inappropriate.

2.  "Since when does anything have to have a benefit?"

This doesn't answer the question. Simply to ask whether not something must have a benefit or not basically ignores the rather prevalent and even domineering attitude that homosexuals have in regard to getting their view accepted by mainstream society. They are very practiced at getting homosexuality to be included in movies, TV, and radio, etc. Undoubtedly they are promoting their lifestyle for a reason and I am sure that they are not promoting it because they think it is bad. They must be promoting it because they think is good. If something is good and worthy promoting, then shouldn't it have a real benefit to society? So, the question still stands. Does the lifestyle of homosexuality benefit society?

3.  "What benefit is a fossil to anyone? Yet it exists. What benefit a galaxy? Yet it exists. But according to some, gay people alone have to prove they benefit society before we are allowed to exist."

This response is similar to number one above and it too confuses a lifestyle with things.  Fossils simply exist, but fossils are not a lifestyle that is being thrust upon our culture, in schools, movies, TV, etc. Mere existence of something isn't the issue. It is homosexuality, which is by definition a sexual behavior. When we look at what is happening in society and how it is being promoted so heavily, we must ask what benefit does it have?

4.  "The same benefit heterosexuality provides society. This is kind of a silly question."

If homosexuality has the same benefit as heterosexuality, then we need to ask how homosexuality can provide, for example, children. It is only heterosexuality that can do that. Children grow up and provide the furthering of society with new ideas, new hopes, and new dreams. So, if homosexuality has same benefit of heterosexuality, then how does it provide children?  Remember, the response was "the same benefit heterosexuality provides..."

5.  Not sure who you are talking to but there is no need for anything to be of benefit to society for it to be acceptable.

Again, this is not answering the question. But still, the response to number two above would be appropriate here since homosexuality is being promoted in society.

6.  "Why can't a homosexual brother help his heterosexual sibling in raising his or her children, and thus contribute to the procreation of humanity?"

But helping someone raise a child this is not an issue of homosexuality. It is an issue of helping, giving, and caring.   It would be like saying why can't a Chinese person help his sibling and raising a child?  What does being Chinese have to do with it?   Of course, homosexuals can be loving and nurturing and kind. But that isn't the issue anymore than it monogamous atheist with subjective morality can be help in raising children.  The question deals with the benefit of the the lifestyle, the practice, and the promotion of homosexuality in society?

7.  "What value value do left-handed people add to society"

Left-handed people, as well as right-handed people, can fix cars, drive airplanes, perform surgery, etc. But you don't see a Left-handed Lobbyist Organization (LLO) promoting left-handedness and demanding special rights due to their being left-handed, trying to get it accepted in school, and have it be promoted in movies and TV so as to alter the moral fabric of society.  Being left-handed is not an issue of morality. Homosexuality is.  So, we have to ask what benefit to society does the sexual act of a man with a man or a woman with a woman have for society?   

As you can see, the responses weren't very well thought out and failed to actually answer the question. But this is typical. Instead of listing benefits, attacks and other questions are offered. This is a demonstration of the inability of many to be able to address this difficult issue.


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.