Honorable mention of CARM in Media

It turns out CARM is popular on the Net and has been reviewed as well as referenced in a few magazines. I've not been keeping up with them, but I thought I'd list them here starting this year. These are only the ones I've heard about. If you know of an article, comment on radio, or some other such citation favoring CARM, please email me and let me know.  Also, we don't list any of the links to CARM from other sites; that would be impossible since it is huge.



  1. Discipleship Journal, Jan/Feb, 2000 Issue 115. When Cults come Knocking, by Karl Alsin, pp 28-32.
    1. CARM was referenced on page 31 in a call out box titled, "Cult Resources".
  2. Christianity Online, Jan/Feb, 2000; Vol. 1, No. 3; Cyber Sects, by Michael Herman, pp. 20-24.
    1. I am quoted numerous times throughout the article, as referenced from CARM.


  1. Mormonism, http://www.deseretnews.com/article/700201923/LDS-Christianity-Differences-that-matter.html?pg=2
  2. Transgenderism, http://blog.chron.com/sacredduty/2011/12/transgender-religious-experience/


  1. KLTY, Austin TX,
    1. I've done guest appearances on Kevin Harris's Christian Saturday Show. He has a heart for the lost and enjoys apologetics. He still mentions CARM regularly.


  1. Christianity Today, Week of Nov. 15, 1999, Apologetics' Missing Links
    "Why Christian apologetics sites on the Web have a postmodern-sized blind spot" http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/1999/146/53.0.html
  2. Los Angeles Times
    1. linked to CARM's Bible, http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/la-ed-prayer21-2008dec21,0,1085355.story

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