Is homosexuality dangerous to society?

by Matt Slick

Is homosexuality dangerous to society?  The answer depends on what constitutes a danger.  First of all, there is no objective moral standard that secularists have with which to identify wickedness, evil, and moral decay.  At best, all that can be offered is the generic claim that what is dangerous is what causes undue harm and suffering among the general population.  Such dangers could include economic collapse or upheaval, war, famine, plague, earthquakes, disease, etc.  We could add that dangers to society are things that weaken it, make it less viable to care for its population, make it vulnerable to attack from outside and/or within.  This could be anything from bad religion to bad government.  Also, such things as rampant lying, stealing, and murder would seriously undermine a healthy society and be dangerous to it since they increase the harm and suffering of the society as a whole.

Okay, so now that we have something to work with, let's take a look at homosexuality and see if it is beneficial or harmful to society.  Let's start with disease and see what the statistics teach us.


  • 2% of U.S. population is gay yet it accounts for 61% of HIV infection:  "Men who have sex with men [MSM] remain the group most heavily affected by new HIV infections. While the CDC estimates that MSM represent only 2 percent of the U.S. population, they accounted for the majority (61 percent; 29,300) of all new HIV infections in 2009. Young MSM (ages 13 to 29) were most severely affected, representing more than one quarter of all new HIV infections nationally (27 percent; 12,900 in 2009)."  (Center for Disease Control,
  • "A recent CDC study found that in 2008 one in five (19%) MSM in 21 major US cities were infected with HIV, and nearly half (44%) were unaware of their infection." (
  • 25% of HIV infected in U.K. unaware of their infection: "Of the estimated 86,500 people living with HIV in the United Kingdom, about 25 percent are not aware they are infected, the Health Protection Agency said recently." (The Body,

Clearly, the disease statistics related to a homosexual lifestyle prove that such a lifestyle is harmful not only to themselves but also to others, especially when you note that in both the U.S. and U.K. large percentages of HIV infected people don't know they are infected.  This is a danger to society since it supports the spread of disease on a large scale.

Financial Impact

  • $12.1 Billion annual cost in US:  "Future treatment for the 40,000 people infected with HIV in the United States every year will cost $12.1 billion annually, a new study showed." (
  • $1.5 Billion Cost for 2001 in Canada:  "June 2001, Halifax, Nova Scotia--HIV/AIDS cost Canadians more than $2 billion in 1999 in direct and indirect costs. Health care costs accounted for about $560 million; prevention, research and supports to AIDS victims for about $40 million; and lost economic production due to premature death and disability for nearly $1.5 billion."  (

The financial drain on society due to the medical costs of HIV is huge.  The greater the impact, the more damage it does to the society's financial stability.

Mental Health

How is the mental health of homosexuals and lesbians?  Does it have the same bell-curve as the rest of society?  No, it does not.  Take a look at these statistics and note that the mental health issues are not due to social pressure and rejection by the majority of society who considers homosexuality to be aberrant.

  • " . . . homosexuals are about 50% more likely to suffer from depression and engage in substance abuse than the rest of the population, reports . . . the risk of suicide jumped over 200% if an individual had engaged in a homosexual lifestyle . . . the lifespan of a homosexual is on average 24 years shorter than that of a heterosexual . . . While the Health 24 article suggested that homosexuals may be pushed to substance abuse and suicide because of anti-homosexual cultural and family pressures, empirical tests have shown that there is no difference in homosexual health risk depending on the level of tolerance in a particular environment. Homosexuals in the United States and Denmark--the latter of which is acknowledged to be highly tolerant of homosexuality--both die on average in their early 50's, or in their 40's if AIDS is the cause of death. The average age for all residents in either country ranges from the mid-to-upper-70s." (
  • 73% of the psychiatrists in the American Psychiatric Association who responded to a survey by Harold I. Lief said that they thought that homosexual men are less happy than others. 70% percent said they believed that the homosexuals' problems were due more to personal conflicts than to social stigmatization. Study by Harold I. Lief, Sexual Survey Number 4: Current Thinking on Homosexuality, Medical Aspects of Human Sexuality 2 (1977), pp.110-111 (Cited in Growing Up Straight by George A. Reker)." (

Sexual Molestation

  • Higher sexual molestation with homosexual parents:  “A disproportionate percentage--29--percent--of the adult children of homosexual parents had been specifically subjected to sexual molestation by that homosexual parent, compared to only 0.6 percent of adult children of heterosexual parents having reported sexual relations with their parent. . . . Having a homosexual parent(s) appears to increase the risk of incest with a parent by a factor of about 50.” (P. Cameron and K. Cameron, "Homosexual Parents," Adolescence 31 (1996): 772"  (

Certainly, no one wants children molested by adults.  (Unfortunately, pedophilia is now being pushed as another 'sexual orientation' see  Society needs to protect its children--not subject them to sexual pressures and molestation.  However, the homosexual lifestyle clearly presents an increased threat to our children.

Sexual Promiscuity

Sexual promiscuity helps support the spread of disease.  What are the promiscuity statistics of the homosexual community?  Shockingly bad!

  • 28% of homosexual men had more than 1000 partners:  "Bell and Weinberg reported evidence of widespread sexual compulsion among homosexual men. 83% of the homosexual men surveyed estimated they had had sex with 50 or more partners in their lifetime, 43% estimated they had sex with 500 or more partners; 28% with 1,000 or more partners. Bell and Weinberg p 308." (
  • Low rate of sexual fidelity among homosexuals.  "There is an extremely low rate of sexual fidelity among homosexual men as compared to married heterosexuals.  Among married females 85% reported sexual fidelity. Among married men, 75.5% reported sexual fidelity. Among homosexual males in their current relationship, 4.5% reported sexual fidelity. (Sources: Laumann, The Social Organization of Sexuality, 216; McWhirter and Mattison, The Male Couple: How Relationships Develop (1984): 252-253; Wiederman, "Extramarital Sex," 170.  This is extracted from

Does anyone think that such mind-blowing promiscuity is healthy for any society, especially when the homosexual community is particularly subject to HIV infection?  Homosexuals are members of society; and their behavior, which is a manifestation of their "orientation," is extremely dangerous. 

Death of a society

If we produce no children, our society will die.  There won't be enough people to support the infrastructure, medical needs, economic development, etc.  That is a fact.  So, common sense would tell us that homosexuality is a danger to society since it cannot produce children to further the society.

Opening the door wide

Homosexuality is a behavior that is based, as many claim, on an orientation.  What about other sexual orientations such as pedophilia, voyeurism, necrophilia, bestiality, polygamy, incest, exhibitionism, fetishes, frotterism, masochism, sadism, etc.?  The arguments for and against these other "orientations" are many, and we won't go into them here.  But, who is to say that those who fall into these sexual categories won't use the homosexual agenda's orientation argument as a basis to further their own causes?  If you think this is a ridiculous idea, then you are not aware of the fact that pedophiles are doing just that.  See the article "Pedophiles want same rights as homosexuals."  Muslims practice polygamy, and they are increasing in America.  Mormons have practiced it in the past, and who is to say they won't get another revelation declaring that it is permissible again once the homosexual movement and its redefinition of marriage is ingrained in society?  Incest is sure to follow (See the article "Rick Santorum was right about Incest and the Slippery Slope )."  The slippery slope is exactly the issue.  Once sexual morays are loosed, marriage definitions and fidelity are loosened, too.  Nothing happens in a society by itself since their intertwining social strings have collateral effects. 


So, is homosexuality dangerous to society?  The facts show that it is.  We have to ask, why then would it be promoted so heavily when it is so harmful?  The only answer I can come up with (aside from a biblical one) is that the politically correct don't care about the facts.  Instead, they want their agenda promoted.  They want their sexual freedom without responsibility.  They, like so many tyrants in history, want to force their minority opinion on the majority to satisfy their own appetites.


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.